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Cancer can become controlled diseases such as hypertension and diabetes Mellitus

Cancer could one day become a manageable disease like diabetes and high blood pressure “Once breast cancer spreads to another part of the body, it sadly becomes incurable,” she added.
Dr David Graham, an expert at the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO), said: “We don’t cure high blood pressure, we don’t cure diabetes.
“Thanks to research, more people are surviving breast cancer than ever before,” she said.
While, another route, gives the immune system a manmade boost from specific proteins, to spark it into action.
They believe by engaging the immune system, it can be possible to make the body “remember” the cancer, preventing it returning.

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Cancer blood test that detects disease years ahead of symptoms ‘could save thousands of lives’

A blood test that accurately detects several different types of cancer years before symptoms appear could revolutionise treatment for the disease, scientists have said.
Peter Gibbs, associate professor of medical oncology at the Royal Melbourne and Western Hospitals in Australia, who worked on the study, said he thought an early cancer blood test was three to five years away.
Those that are found to have cancer could then have surgery or other treatment, potentially preventing thousands of deaths.
But, in a new step, they are now working to harness this knowledge to create a test specifically for early-stage disease in people who appear healthy.
Researchers hope the straightforward procedure could form part of routine health checkups, replacing the often invasive and painful biopsies commonly used to diagnose cancer.

according to Researchers also found that each individual component of SVD predicted cognitive decline as well as the total SVD score did.
Memory loss, language problems and other symptoms of cognitive decline are strongly associated with diseases of the small blood vessels in the brain, a study has found.
Cognitive decline was measured by a Spanish version of the Montreal Cognitive Assessment test.
These four components, which include evidence of microbleeds and minor strokes, then were added to create a total SVD score.
The higher the SVD score, the greater the cognitive decline.
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