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The tick insect spread this summer, which carries Lyme disease

‘Miserable’ tick-borne Lyme disease up in Lake County. From 2012 to 2016, Lake County is averaging 27 cases​ a year​, according to the Lake County Health Department.
While once considered rare, Lyme disease is on the rise in Lake County.
“It is not something you want to mess around with, and Lyme disease can be pretty miserable.”
According to a recent survey from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 20 percent of people surveyed in areas where Lyme disease is present were unaware that the disease was a risk.
“Back then, the assumption was that if you got Lyme disease, you got it from somewhere else like Wisconsin, Minnesota or New York.

'Miserable' tick-borne Lyme disease up in Lake County

More ticks this summer but not ones with Lyme disease

as mentioned in But the ticks are almost entirely dog ticks, which don’t carry Lyme disease.
So far, 372 ticks have been turned into Hamilton Public Health Services for analysis, with 11 being black-legged ticks that could potentially carry the disease.
Merry said her veterinary practice has diagnosed six cases of dogs with Lyme disease this year along with two cases of anaplasmosis, another disease that is carried by black-legged ticks.
Hamilton is seeing an uptick in the number of ticks this summer but relatively few are turning out to be the variety that carries Lyme disease.
So far this year, no human cases of Lyme disease have been reported to Hamilton’s health department and the Hamilton area is not not among Lyme disease “risk areas” identified by Public Health Ontario.

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