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Drug producers Being Probed by States Over Opium Marketing

For more on the Opium epidemic, click here“The Opium epidemic continues to have a devastating impact in Connecticut,” the state’s attorney general, George Jepsen, said Thursday in a separate statement.
“The Opium epidemic is a public health crisis,” Healey said.
The Food and Drug Administration has increased its scrutiny of Opiums, directing drug producer Endo International Plc last week to pull its Opana ER Opium from shelves.
Americans consume Opium pain relievers “at a greater rate than any other nation,” according to a study published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in 2014.
Drug manufacturers that have profited for years from the rising demand for prescriptions painkillers in the U.S. are coming under greater scrutiny than ever as a bipartisan group of states begin probing the industry’s role in a devastating Opium epidemic.

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Opium crisis: States investigate manufacturers’ role

Opioid crisis: States investigate manufacturers' role

Photos: Opium: Addictive painkillers Opium: Dangerous prescription painkillers – Prescription and illegal Opium are commonly abused because they are so addictive.
Hide Caption 7 of 12Photos: Opium: Addictive painkillers Morphine – Morphine is another powerful Opium often administered via syringe for severe pain.
Hide Caption 6 of 12Photos: Opium: Addictive painkillers Oxycodone – Oxycodone is a powerful narcotic pain reliever prescribed for moderate to high pain relief.
Hide Caption 8 of 12Photos: Opium: Addictive painkillers Meperidine – Meperidine is another narcotic analgesic, similar to morphine.
Hide Caption 2 of 12Photos: Opium: Addictive painkillers Codeine – Codeine is one of the weakest Opium, often given when painkillers such as acetaminophen or ibuprofen fail to work.

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A Giant Coalition of States Is Investigating Opium Manufacturers – Mother Jones

A bipartisan group of attorneys general from across the country are investigating the role that pharmaceutical companies played in creating and prolonging the Opium epidemic.
As a recent Bloomberg article noted, over the past year alone, more than 20 US states, counties, and cities have sued Opium manufacturers claiming that their deceptive marketing contributed to today’s public health crisis.
This is far from the first probe into Opium producers’ deceptive marketing.
Public health experts have long blamed today’s widespread addiction to Opium—including painkillers, heroin, and fentanyl—on overzealous marketing and liberal prescribing of Opium painkillers, starting with the introduction of OxyContin in the mid-90s.
Some states AG offices declined to comment due to state laws prohibiting discussing ongoing investigations.

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