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Public health officials fear Trump budget cuts in fight against Zika virus

Public health officials have been down this road before.
Claude Jacob is chief public health office for the city of Cambridge, Mass.
“We cannot wait until there’s a fire to want to go out and buy a fire a truck,” says Oscar Alleyne, NACCHO’s senior adviser for public health programs.
President Trump’s budget proposed huge cuts to the agencies dedicated to — and most effective at — fighting Zika at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and other public health services, said NACCHO President Claude Jacob.
But possible funding cuts and efforts to weaken prenatal care will jeopardize that.

New test spots Zika virus in under an hour, raising hopes for a speedier response

Public health officials fear Trump budget cuts in fight against Zika virus

referring to “We are pleased that the peak of the Zika virus outbreak in Puerto Rico has come to a close,” Schuchat said.
Puerto Rico declared its Zika epidemic over on Monday, saying transmission of the virus on the island has fallen to relatively low levels.
“These efforts can be used as a model for other regions experiencing local Zika virus transmission.”Sign up to our Zika updates Please enter a valid email address.
At this time, there are no plans to change CDC’s travel recommendations for Puerto Rico,” a spokesperson said in an email.
And last October, CDC stopped reporting Zika figures from Puerto Rico, saying it was not using the agreed-to surveillance criteria to count cases.

Puerto Rico declares its outbreak of Zika virus is over

referring to “In order to better react to an outbreak of Zika virus,” he said, “we need to have improved detection methods.
Shelly Redovan, executive director of the Florida Mosquito Control Association, said testing for Zika sometimes requires extensive mosquito sampling, which can be impractical at times.
“Detecting mosquitoes that are carrying the Zika virus in a more timely manner allows for faster and better targeting of mosquito control efforts to those areas,” she said an email.
Unable to use samples from actual Zika patients, they added Zika RNA, a nucleic acid present in all living cells, to healthy human fluids.
“Either we will get permission to test those samples or work with facilities that can do the validation for us,” she said.

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