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The way Breastfeeding reduces a Mother’s danger of Heart illness

For Mothers, breastfeeding can help them lose pregnancy weight and lower danger of certain cancers, including breast and ovarian.
The finding only points to a strong association between breastfeeding and lower heart disease risk; it doesn’t imply that women who don’t breastfeed will necessarily develop heart problems.
MORE: Breastfeeding Linked to a Lower Risk of Cancer in KidsWomen who breastfed their babies had a 9% lower risk of having heart disease during the study period compared to women who did not breastfeed.
That may contribute to more weight gain and raise risk factors for heart disease, such as atherosclerosis and cholesterol.
In China, the average time that women breastfeed is longer—about a year—than for women in the West, who generally breastfeed for four to six months.

Breastfeeding reduces Heart illness

according to MORE: Single Gene Responsible for Group of Heart Disease Risk FactorsWhile there are genes associated with greater heart disease risk, most of them are inherited.
Now, researchers say the same process may be at work in heart disease.
When the researchers introduced the CHIP mutations into mice, they learned more about how a cancer-causing gene can contribute to heart disease.
The mutations develop among a group of blood cells known as stem cells, which divide throughout a person’s lifetime to replenish the supply of blood cells.
Even among younger people, those with the mutations—called clonal hematopoiesis of indeterminate potential, or CHIP—showed a higher rate of heart disease.

Research proposes mothers That Breast-feed Have reduce danger of Heart illness Later

according to Their heart disease risk was 18 percent lower and the risk of stroke 17 percent less.
A new study suggests a link between breast-feeding and a lowered risk of heart disease in older women.
Each additional month of breast-feeding was associated with a 4 percent and 3 percent lower risk of heart disease and stroke, respectively, researchers said.
Other strategies”For those women who don’t choose to breast-feed, there are other things they can do to prevent heart disease,” said Goldberg.
They found that those who breast-fed had a 9 percent lower risk of heart disease and an 8 percent decreased risk of stroke, compared with women who had never nursed.

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