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Should emergency medical service allow Opium overdose patients die?

Should emergency medical service allow Opium overdose patients die?
Should emergency medical service providers allow Opium overdose addicts die?
A proposal to withhold treatment from Opium overdose patients shows the epidemic’s continuing stress on emergency medical service providers and its strain on municipal budgetsThere is no end in sight to the worsening Opium overdose epidemic.
Last year, more than 4,100 Opium overdose deaths were documented by Ohio coroners.
Last fall, a Pennsylvania emergency medical service agency began asking overdose patients for their preferred funeral home with a “One Breath from Death” card.

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As it stated in “My goal was not to stop treating overdoses, it was to solve a financial problem — not to stop the drug problem,” Picard said.
A day before Middletown’s council meeting on June 20, City Manager Doug Adkins attended a local heroin summit.
Skip in Skip x Embed x Share CLOSE Opiod overdose runs are becoming commonplace across the country.
Picard asked about the possibility of not responding to addicts who repeatedly overdose.
Adkins said the city had already responded to 100 more overdose runs by June than it did in all of 2016.

Ohio pol’s suggestionl: No Naloxone for repeat Opium overdose preys

As it stated in Narcan, also known as Naloxone, is a medication that can reverse the results of an Opium overdose.
There’s also an economic toll: One study estimated that the cost of the prescription drug Opium epidemic costs American society $78.5 billion.
The proposal also calls for the city to create a database of overdose victims who paramedics have responded to.
Middletown City Council Member Daniel Picard.
“We’ve received hate mail, national news coverage and overloaded voice mail and email in-boxes,” Middletown City Manager Douglas Adkins wrote in a blog post Wednesday.



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