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Data on Zika in mosquitoes suggest early presence in Rio

“It is imperative that we understand the potential neurologic and neurodevelopmental outcomes of Zika virus infection in children infected in infancy and early childhood.”
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“We showed the presence of Zika virus in engorged Ae.
A total of 579 mosquitoes were evaluated for the presence of the Zika virus.
aegypti mosquitoes trapped in Rio de Janeiro before the first case of autochthonous Zika virus disease was diagnosed in the city,” the authors said.

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Two types of mosquitoes are the primary transmitters of Zika, dengue, yellow fever and chikungunya viruses.

Although Zika has faded from the headlines, researchers say the latest findings highlight the need for continued and improved mosquito surveillance.
(Ricardo Mazalan/AP)With the summer mosquito season in full swing in many states, a new report shows a significant increase in U.S. counties across the South that have reported mosquitoes capable of spreading Zika and related viruses.
Aedes aegypti mosquitoes in a cage at a laboratory in Colombia.
The report was based on the largest number of completed pregnancies with laboratory confirmation of Zika infection so far.

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More U.S. counties are finding mosquitoes that can spread Zika

More U.S. counties are finding mosquitoes that can spread Zika

referring to In May, the new study determined the species that transmits the Zika virus –Aedes aegypti – is in Doña Ana County.
There have been no reports of Zika virus disease so far this year.
Xu will lead research about the New Mexico mosquitoes’ microbiome, the bacteria and fungi that live together with the mosquito.
Kalli Martinez, project manager for an New Mexico State University study of mosquitoes in urban areas, inspects a container with trapped mosquitoes while working in the field in Las Cruces.
Last year, New Mexico had 10 reported cases of Zika virus disease imported by travelers.

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