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Utilize evidence-based approaches to combat Opium intemperance

The bipartisan spending agreement Congress passed earlier this year includes about $800 million to fight Opium intemperance and increase access to treatment and recovery services.
A creative program from Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey’s office dedicated $700,000 in awards to schools around the state to scale up evidence-based educational programs to prevent Opium intemperance.
Major philanthropic organizations have also dedicated funding to evaluating programs targeting the Opium crisis — such as the Laura and John Arnold Foundation, which recently committed to supporting rigorous evaluations of Opium intemperance treatment strategies.
As governments and philanthropists collaborate to learn what’s working to fight Opium intemperance , establishing an infrastructure to share knowledge across local, state, and federal agencies will accelerate their collective work.
There are a number of approaches to treating opiate intemperance, some of which are evidence-based and some of which are not.

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like Opium intemperance skyrockets, curing for addicts lags far back, insurance data display

Opium intemperance skyrockets

A new report on Opium use among privately insured Americans has found that diagnoses of Opium intemperance increased almost fivefold between 2010 and 2015, ticking up dramatically in 2014.
Lower doses of Opium , even over a long period, were found to be far less addictive than high doses.
CAPTION Underwater explorers discovered an underwater brine pool at the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico.
Fully 6.2% of those patients would go on to be diagnosed with an Opium intemperance disorder.
The Blue Cross Blue Shield report suggests that the spurt in intemperance disorder diagnoses that started in 2014 may have been driven in part by growing recognition of Opium intemperance among physicians.

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Donald Trump Organization blames Chicago’s violence on ‘morality,’ but Opium intemperance is the fault of drugs?

Hanging Chicago’s decadeslong violence problem on any one factor is pure laziness.
A morality problem?
Which leads me to a question for Sanders and the Trump administration: Is morality the key factor behind America’s Opium epidemic?
Chicago, I’m told, has a morality problem.
And you shouldn’t, because, as with gun violence in Chicago, it’s a crisis that bubbled up from an array of circumstances.

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