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medical’s Opium trouble: Has It Made the Epidemic worst?

medical hasn’t proven to be the antidote for the Opium epidemic ravaging America, but it just might be adding more poison.
As 15 million able-bodied adults were added to medical through Obamacare, the drug problem only grew worse.
), are aggressively pushing the concept that Obamacare’s medical expansion must be maintained in order to provide drug-addiction treatment services.
Ohio, which has enrolled more than 700,000 adults in its Obamacare medical expansion, is seeing worse problems with Opium than ever before.
In reality, medical may be fueling the problem and may be largely responsible for starting the epidemic in the first place.

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Kids of the Opium Epidemic Are Flooding Foster Homes. U.S Is Turning around a Blind Eye.

He was lucky to have relatives nearby: The spiraling Opium epidemic has disrupted so many families that all the foster homes in Ashtabula County are full.
In late October, Trump became the first presidential candidate since John F. Kennedy to visit Ashtabula County.
In Ashtabula County, in Ohio’s northeast corner, the number of children in court custody quadrupled from 69 in 2014 to 279 last year.
‘”Tania Burnett, the executive director of Ashtabula County Children Services, told me that more caseworkers are quitting than ever before, unable to reconcile the overwhelming caseload with the paltry salary, which starts at $28,500.
When Kelly told her kids, Brianna fumed.
U.S Is Turning around a Blind Eye.

as informed in And these changes lead to increased risk for mental health and behavioral health consequences—increased risk of depression, increased risk of suicidality, increased risk of anxiety.
Burke Harris’ TED talk on ACEs has been seen nearly than three million times.
Burke Harris and the Center have attracted big name donors and publicity.
Dr. Nadine Burke Harris: Let’s start in infancy.
I reached out to Burke Harris to talk about the developmental and physiological effects one might expect to see among the children of the Opium epidemic—and what doctors can do about it.

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