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Hamilton Center selected as Opium curing place

INDIANAPOLIS – The Bowen Center in Fort Wayne is one of five new Opium curing programs government.
Most of its clients are on Medicaid, but it didn’t have a state-certified Opium curing program and can now offer methadone as a curing option.
It’s a relatively inexpensive, long-term curing for Opium intemperance but it can be abused as well.
The governor said his one wish is to bend the arc of Opium intemperance and overdoses.
The five counties were chosen based on statistics on drug seizure data, Opium overdose deaths and driving time for Hoosiers seeking treatment.
Hamilton Center selected as Opium curing place

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What happens to Opium curing in Philly under Senate Republican Party health care outline

Thousands of Philadelphians could face new challenges paying for substance abuse curing if the Senate Republican Party’s healthcare outline becomes a reality.
Tom Wolf’s administration estimates that the Affordable Care Act led to an additional 175,000 Pennsylvanians receiving some form of substance abuse curing or services.
the Better Care Reconciliation Act, currently sets aside $2 billion in 2018 for state grants to fund curing and recovery services.
The possible impact on PA and Philly First things first: The Senate Republican Party’s outline, A.K.A.
In Philadelphia, almost 25 percent of new Medicaid enrollees — or about 40,000 people — are using city behavioral health services, including substance use disorder services.

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