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Zika virus stady heats up in St. Louis

Health officials in Pasadena said Monday the eggs of an invasive species of mosquito that can carry diseases like the Zika virus, dengue and chikungunya were found in traps in the city.
City officials noted there were no reported cases of the Zika virus in Pasadena, but that residents should take precaution.
This is the first time eggs of the Aedes albopictus mosquito, known as the Asian tiger mosquito, have been found in the city, according to the statement from Pasadena spokesman William Boyer.
It is distinguished by black-and-white stripes and, unlike native mosquitoes, the Aedes species bite during the day.
The Asian tiger mosquito was first discovered in California in 2011 and has since been found all over the San Gabriel Valley.

First case of Zika virus confirmed in Corpus Christi area


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Mosquito types  which could tote Zika virus found in Pasadena

Mosquito species that can carry Zika virus found in Pasadena

referring to LAS CRUCES, N.M. (KRQE) – Researchers at New Mexico State University will keep studying mosquitoes with the Zika virus.
Under the new contract, researchers will study what kinds of conditions attract mosquitoes that can transmit Zika.
None of them got the virus in the state.
There have been 10 reported cases of Zika in New Mexico.
They will be doing a study of the 11 largest cities in southern New Mexico to see if there is a connection with urban areas.

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