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‘Poverty favours the mosquito’: Specialists warn Zika virus could return to Brazil

“The lack of basic sanitation, the poverty, it all favours the mosquito,” Cruz said. The Aedes aegyptimosquito, which transmits Zika and other arbo viruses like Dengue and Chikungunya, lays eggs on damp surfaces near water.
Zika was first identified in Brazil in 2014 and spread rapidly through the country.
Requests from Brazil to Women on Web, a Dutch organisation that sends abortion medicines to women in countries where it is restricted, increased 108%.
In 2013, left President Dilma Rousseff’s government launched a 20-year plan to improve sanitation across Brazil.

Which infants exposed to Zika virus infection in pregnancy should have eyes examined?

the mosquito Zika virus

as declared in New Zika vaccines may prevent virus transmission during pregnancyTwo new experimental vaccines restricted the transmission of Zika virus to fetuses in pregnant mice.
Privacy PolicyNew vaccines prevent Zika transmission to fetusesBoth vaccines resulted in the development of high levels of antibodies in their hosts that neutralized the Zika virus.
Related: 3 possible Zika virus vaccines found effective in monkeysShare this informationPeople who read this article should try…Related Reading:Zika virus prevention with green tea molecule epigallocatechin (EGCG) shows potential: StudyWhy is Brazil affected by Zika virus?
Abundant research is still required to determine whether either of these vaccines can prevent congenital Zika virus in humans.
There are not currently any vaccines available commercially to treat Zika virus or prevent it from affecting a fetus in utero when the mother develops it.

New Zika vaccines may prevent virus transmission during pregnancy

as declared in Credit: NIAID Eye abnormalities in infants from Brazil born to mothers with confirmed Zika virus infection in pregnancy are described in an article published by JAMA Pediatrics.
The authors acknowledge they “cannot affirm with absolute certainty” that all eye abnormalities were attributable to Zika virus infection.
Among the 112 mothers, 32 had Zika virus infection in the first trimester; 55 in the second trimester; and 25 in the third trimester.
“Eye abnormalities may be the only initial finding in congenital Zika virus infection.
Of the 112 infants, 20 had microcephaly; 31 had other central nervous system abnormalities; and 61 had no central nervous system findings.

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