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four things you ought know about ticks and Lyme illness this summer

This prolonged Lyme illness, commonly known as chronic Lyme illness, affects about 10 percent of patients, who don’t recover fully with initial treatment.
News Hour spoke about those concerns with Dr. John Aucott, director of the John Hopkins Lyme disease Clinical Research Center, who studies a chronic forms of the condition called post-treatment Lyme disease syndrome.
Even though there isn’t a vaccine for humans, a few simple steps will narrow your chances of contracting Lyme disease.
There isn’t a vaccine for humans, but you can protect yourself from Lyme disease.
Many have raised concerns about an increase in ticks this summer, as ticks move into new territories.

ticks and Lyme illness

as declared in “Lyme disease and Powassan, which is even more deadly than Lyme disease, is becoming too prevalent here in the Capital Region,” Sen. Schumer said.
Sen. Schumer says he will continue to push for federal funding for the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of Lyme disease.
The greatest dangers we face now are tick-borne illnesses,” Sen. Schumer said.
Senator Chuck Schumer spoke on the urgency to fund preventative measures against Lyme and the Powassan Virus at Albany Medical Center on Monday.
“Health and Human Services has to get off their backsides and get this task force going and start spending the money we have allocated,” Sen. Schumer said.

hospital attendant must play detective to diagnose Lyme illness

as declared in With Lyme disease, “not everyone gets the bull’s-eye rash” that is one marker of the disease, Kriz said.
According to a 2015 report from the Centers for Disease Control, 95% of confirmed Lyme disease cases were reported from only 14 states.
Along with the 21-page manual, the CDC offers a two-tiered Lyme disease testing chart.
Healthcare professionals may encounter patients infected with Lyme disease in almost any clinical setting, as well as in patients’ homes.
She said the first interaction with a patient is the best time to explore the possibility of tick-borne disease diagnoses.

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