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Second status of infectious cattle illness uncovered in New Zealand

The second case of a contagious cattle illness, Myco plasma bovis, has been detected on a dairy farm in New Zealand.
This is the second farm owned by the Van Leeuwen Dairy Group where the illness has been detected; the group owns 16 farms.
Confirmed casesIn the original case, the illness was confirmed in 14 cows on a dairy farm holding 150 animals.
Continued sampling and testing for the disease on all farms belonging to the Van Leeuwen Dairy Group, as well as neighbouring farms, is continuing today.
The detection of the illness on the second farm was not unexpected, given the close connections between it and the original farm, the MPI added.

New Zealand farm analysis

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Second New Zealand farm analysis positive to cattle  illness

New Zealand’s Primary Industries ministry said on Monday that a second dairy farm in the country’s South Island has tested positive for the cattle illness mycoplasma bovis.
The disease can have a serious effect on the health of cattle and testing would continue on all farms in the group, as well as neighboring farms.
Analysts had been concerned at the possibility of a knee-jerk reaction to news of the disease that could affect market access for New Zealand’s diary products.
The second outbreak was at another farm in the Van Leeuwen Dairy Group, a large scale dairy business, and was not unexpected given the close connection between the two farms, the ministry said.
The farm was linked to the initial property where the disease – which does not infect humans or pose a food safety risk – was detected earlier this month in the world’s biggest dairy exporter.

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