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Person burned on cam smoking tub in Multnomah Co. courthouse

A bold move was caught on cam when a Person sitting in a Multnomah County courthouse started casually smoking marijuana.
Deputies told FOX twelve the Person lit his joint & sat down in the back row of the courtroom.
Officials told the Person he couldn’t smoke in courthouse, & when deputies got closer they smelled the tell-tale scent of marijuana.
Deputies informed him that he’s not allowed to smoke marijuana in public, allow alone in a courthouse.
The Person eventually cooperated by deputies & tamped-out the joint in a nearby trash can.

Man caught on camera smoking pot in Multnomah Co. courthouse - KPTV - FOX 12

as informed in A 30-something Person apparently thought he was doing nothing wrong when he lit up a joint in a Portland courtroom final month.
Courthouse Deputy Chris Payne said he walked through a plume of smoke to get to the Person & told him he needed to leave the courtroom.
“He said, ‘Why?’ I said, ‘You can’t smoke marijuana in public.’ & he said, ‘Oh, you can’t?’”Payne said the Person seemed genuinely surprised.
In recent years, a Person socked a handcuffed killer in the face in forehead of the judge & deputies.
The goal was to alleviate the problem, he said, & the deputies did just that by getting the Person to leave.

Person booted from courtroom for smoking tub during murder status

as informed in A Person was kicked through a courtroom in Oregon final month after smoking a joint in the back row, befuddling a judge & court deputies.
“I said, ‘Sir, you necessity to leave the courthouse now,’” courthouse deputy Chris Payne recalled.
A deputy who was sitting across the aisle from the Person is then seen pointing the Person to a courtroom exit.
Barrett Taylor said deputies were focused on the two murder defendants inside the courtroom at the time & did not get the man’s name while ejecting him.
An attorney for one of the defendants facing murder charges in the case said the Person was “living proof that marijuana makes you stupid,” she said.



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