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Heart illness danger in middle age attached to dementia later

Like previous research, the current research related so-called vascular risk factors like diabetes, smoking, & hypertension to higher odds of dementia.
However, the research also found an increased risk of dementia for older adults who had just slightly elevated blood pressure in middle age, a condition known as prehypertension.
Smoking in middle age was associated by 41 percent higher odds of dementia later on, while diabetes was related to a 77 percent greater risk.
So-called prehypertension, when blood pressure is elevated but not high sufficient to be formally diagnosed as high blood pressure, was tied to a 31 percent higher likelihood of dementia.
“Focusing on these risk factors even before midlife provides patients an opportunity to treat & reverse these risk factors by the goal of reducing their dementia risk before it is also late,” Gardener said.

as declared in The use of proton pump inhibitors to reduce the risk of stomach ulcers doesn’t increase the risk of Alzheimer’s illness in older patients, according to research from Finland.
“We found no clinically meaningful association between PPI use & risk of Alzheimer’s” research authorsThe Finnish research authors noted that their research followed two previous researches from Germany that had reported an increased risk of dementia.
But, according to the latest study, proton pump inhibitor use was not associated by an increased risk of Alzheimer’s illness – not even in long-term use exceeding three years.
“We found no clinically meaningful association between proton pump inhibitors use & risk of Alzheimer’s disease,” they said.
Long-term use was slightly further common between those by Alzheimer’s illness than those without the disease.

Gum illness is associated by a higher danger for some cancers in older ladies

Heart illness risk in middle age

as declared in The questionIf left untreated, gum illness can damage the tissue & bone that support the teeth, resulting in tooth loss.
Might there be connection between gum illness — known as periodontal illness — & other health problems?
Those whose dental history involved periodontal illness were 14 percent further likely to have developed cancer than were women who had not had gum disease, regardless of whether the women had ever smoked.
Highest risk was for esophageal cancer: Women by a history of gum illness were three times as likely to have developed this cancer.
CaveatsWhat the research found was an association between periodontal illness & cancer; it did not prove that gum illness causes cancer.

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