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province issues advisory for Monterey Municipal Beach over storm drain pathogenic bacteria levels

High levels of fecal pathogenic bacteria have forced health officials to issue swimming advisories for the North Shore ambit of Miami Beach.
The Florida Department of Health issued the advisory for the 73rd Street coast off Collins Avenue after samples showed high levels of enterococci pathogenic bacteria.

Two water samples exceeded the federal standards for enterocooci.
“Samples of coast water gathered at North Shore in Miami coast the most southern portion of Miami coast did not meet the recreational water quality standard for enterococci,” the Miami-Dade County office of the Department of Health said in its advisory.
Exposure to fecal pathogenic bacteria, that can come from wildlife or human sewage, can lead to illness or infection.

Fecal coliform pathogenic bacteria found in Lake Washington at Juanita Beach Park

Fecal coliform pathogenic bacteria

according to Due to the discovery of high levels of fecal coliform pathogenic bacteria in Lake Washington at Juanita coast Park, humans & animals ought not go in the water.
The coast will be closed for at least a week as testing is done to determine the source of the pathogenic bacteria.
The coast at Juanita coast Park will reopen when levels of the pathogenic bacteria are back in a safe range.
Fecal coliform pathogenic bacteria is an indicator of sewage pollution & is monitored weekly by the Seattle-King County Public Health Department.
For further information, visit the King County website & search for “fecal coliform pathogenic bacteria.”Updates about Juanita coast Park & other Kirkland waterfront parks will be posted to the city’s news room webpage.

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