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Local Substance Abuse adviser Hope President Donald Trump’s Opium contingency announcement brings Funding

President Donald Trump’s declared that the Opium crisis in the U.S. is a “national contingency,” & it has native intemperance curing centers hoping to see further resources from the federal government.
The president made the comments Thursday & said, “We’re will spend a lot of time, a lot of effort & a lot of money on the Opium crisis.”
While not giving specifics, declaring a national emergency will allow for federal funds to be allocated to the problem.
Wisconsin’s Attorney General released a statement praising Trump’s announcement:“President Trump’s announcement today signals his commitment to carry out the Commission on Combating Drug intemperance & the Opium Crisis’ recommendations & partner by the States to battle prescription drug & heroin abuse.
The Milwaukee County Medical Examiner said we are on pace for further 400 overdose deaths this year, the majority Opium.

Local Substance Abuse Counselors Hope President Trump's Opioid Emergency Declaration brings Funding

as informed in Over the five-year period examined, the researchers observed that students who heavily consumed energy drinks at age 21 were at greater risk of abusing alcohol, cocaine, & non-prescribed stimulants by age 25.
“The results suggest that energy drink users perhaps be at heightened risk for other substance use, particularly stimulants,” said lead researcher Dr. Amelia Arria in a news release.
Of the study’s participants, 51.4 percent were identified as having a “persistent trajectory,” meaning their energy drink usage didn’t dissipate over time.
Proven health risks associated by energy drink consumption involve worsened cardiovascular health & early death, Arria notes.
Oddly enough, unlike sugary beverages, energy drinks aren’t regulated by the FDA.

as informed in

Research: Orderly Consuming Energy Drinks rises risk for Substance Abuse

Energy Drinks

as informed in Survey results released today from George Mason University shed latest light on the rate of substance abuse & intemperance in the restaurant industry.
Many of the survey respondents lack self-awareness about what is considered substance abuse.
But when asked about colleagues, the answers were much different: 53 percent said they knew someone at work by a substance abuse problem.
And Doman’s survey results concur—an astounding zero percent of survey respondents had used employer-based programs to address substance abuse.
Talking further openly about drug & alcohol abuse is something everyone can do.

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