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Danny Dias dies due to substance abuse

Actor Danny Dias died two months ago at the beginning of June & the medical office has finally released the cause of the star’s death.
It has been confirmed that Danny Dias did not die due to suicide, as was originally thought, & passed away due to a long-term abuse of drugs.

The star died from long-term substance abuseAccording to the Daily Mail, the cause of Danny Dias’ death has finally been revealed two months after the stars death.
AdvertisementsAdvertisementsIt has been confirmed that Danny Dias died from a long-term #Substance Abuse trouble that the deceased suffered with.
His friends, who chose to remain unidentified, said that Danny Dias had taken LSD that night & started to freak out.

Danny Dias dies due to substance abuse

as declared in Tom Wopat at his arraignment Thursday, Aug. 3, 2017, in Waltham, Mass., on indecent violate & battery & drug possession charges, in image taken from video.
(Photo: WCVB-TV via AP, Pool)Tom Wopat, the former star of Dukes of Hazzardarrested final week in Massachusetts on charges indecent violate & cocaine possession, “firmly denies” he groped an actress in 42nd Street, & vowed to address his substance-abuse issues.
Last week, claimants in Waltham, Mass., alleged Wopat grabbed the buttocks of a female cast member during rehearsal & charged him by indecent violate & battery.
In the meantime, Wopat’s statement concluded, he will be taking “personal time to address his ongoing struggle by substance abuse.
He has starred in various regional productions of 42nd Street for years.

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Tom Wopat ‘firmly denies’ groping actress, vows to address substance abuse

vows to address substance abuse

as declared in Please able Javascript to watch this video OLATHE, Kan. — Substance abuse counselors saw it’s the news they’ve hoped for.
In the Kansas City metro, curing providers, like those who work at the Johnson County Department of Health, saw the trouble is growing.
That’s why President Trump’s decision to offer help, & to get tougher, sounds promising to them.
He sees President Trump’s announcement as a beacon of hope, one that shines a light a national health concern that hasn’t gotten its due.
President Trump’s stance on the Opium epidemic has changed, from originally stating this trouble can be addressed without declaring this a national crisis.

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