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A girl At 14, she tested positive for HIV virus

This makes KEM the just second infirmary in the country to procure a ‘GeneXpert’ machine that will be used to reduce the HIV virus viral load testing period.
According to the experts, right This time they are using GeneXpert technology on a experience basis because it is the premier time this machine will also test HIV virus viral load apart from Tb.

“I’m just that person. I’m like, dude — I’m HIV-positive.”

“Earlier, it used to announce just Tb but This time it will be a significant improvement over the machines that are currently used to test the HIV virus viral load,” said a senior doctor.
The viral load is an indicator of a number of viruses in the body.
“Compared to the existing system of HIV virus viral load using real time PCR that requires skilled manpower, costly infrastructure & where results are obtainable in one or two days.

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This time she calls herself an HIV virus

HIV virus

Brown thought it would be fun.
“So, I went in there, & I had an HIV virus test, & … ” she trails off.
Brown started to get sore around her body & face.
Which is the beginning of …Act II: The girl who has HIV virus tells everyone“I am still very much alive.
In the else few years, she became what she calls “an H-I-Victor.” An outspoken activist.

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