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Sleep medication probably help easiness knee pain troubles for some

Patients by knee osteoarthritis & insomnia perhaps be less troubled by joint pain after they get curing to help them sleep better, a recent research suggests.
Knee osteoarthritis, a leading cause of pain & disability in older adults, occurs when flexible tissue at the ends of bones wears down.
While it can’t be cured, physical medication or anti-inflammatory medications are often prescribed to relieve pain & improve mobility.
More than 70 percent of people by knee osteoarthritis also suffer from sleep disturbances, researchers note in the journal Pain.
“If you have knee osteoarthritis, walking probably hurt .

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Music medication probably not lead to big benefits for kids by autism

Music medication

“Music medication – like many other interventions that have been suggested – doesn’t improve autism symptoms,” said senior author Christian Gold, of the Grieg Academy Music medication Research Center & Uni Research Health in Bergen, Norway.
During music therapy, a person helps a child spontaneously make music through singing, playing & movement.
But the pursuit of music or music medication ought not be guided primarily by the hope to reduce core symptoms of autism, because that probably not be the result.”
The review found a benefit from music therapy, however the researches involved in that analysis were smaller & were rated as just of low to moderate quality.
“Efforts are already underway to improve music therapy, for example by improving their specific skills or by involving parents further actively,” he said.

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Ask the Doctors: Stem cell medication probably help worn-out knees

Stem cell medication

Ask the Doctors: Stem cell medication probably help worn-out kneesPosted Friday, August 11, 2017 3:54 pmQ: I read that you can use your own stem cells to rejuvenate worn-out knees.
A: “Worn out” is a perfect way to term what happens to the knee joint by prolonged use.
The intriguing thing about stem cells is that they have the ability to become any type of cell that the body needs.
The cells used for stem cell injections in the knees are called mesenchymal stem cells, & they can differentiate into bone, fat or cartilage cells.
In five of the studies, stem cells were given after surgery to the knee; in the other study, stem cells from a donor were administered without surgery.

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