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Park ponds reopen next prolonged Ecoli shutout

The city of Boise is reopening the popular ponds at Esther Simplot Park today for recreational use, including fishing, swimming & wading, after Ecoli standards finally dropped & remained consistently low.
The ponds, along by nearby Quinn’s Pond, were closed June 21 after unsafe standards of the bacteria were detected.
Quinn’s Pond reopened on June 30, but the smaller ponds, that involve a children’s wading beach, remained closed until today.
Repeated DNA tests showed dog & goose feces were the main sources of E. coli, the city reported; dogs are no longer allowed at either park & geese are being hazed to save them on the move.
Loaner life jackets are obtainable at the ponds, & people are reminded to follow safe practices including not swallowing the water, showering after swimming, using swim diapers, & taking children to the restroom.

Park ponds

as informed in Print ArticleTests of pond water at the ponds in Esther Simplot Park have shown Ecoli standards consistently below what’s considered safe for public exposure, Boise Parks & Recreation reported Thursday.
In response, Parks & Recreation director Doug Holloway has re-opened the ponds for swimming & other recreational uses.
Holloway also closed Quinn’s Pond, located just south of Esther Simplot Park, on June 21, but he re-opened it June 30 as tests showed marked declines in the bacteria.
Holloway said laboratory tests identified goose & dog feces as the primary sources of Ecoli in the ponds.
A stormwater retention basin that wasn’t draining properly also contributed to the problem in the Esther Simplot Park ponds.

as informed in

Esther Simplot Park ponds reopened next Ecoli outbreak

The pond at Esther Simplot Park in Boise remains closed due to Ecoli concerns, but officials tell it can reopen soon.
(Photo: KTVB)BOISE — Esther Simplot Park ponds reopened Thursday, months after an Ecoli outbreak left the water unsafe for swimming.
Quinn’s Pond reopened June 30, but remains off-limits to dogs.
City staff are working to clean up animal feces around the ponds, & water from Quinn’s Pond has been flushed through the Esther Simplot ponds.
RELATED: Quinn’s Pond, Esther Simplot ponds closed due to E. coliWater testing at both Esther Simplot Park & Quinn’s Pond will still daily.

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