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Iowans’ health insurance is in Donald Trump’s hands

They ought also be watching the Trump administration. Republicans love private plans, & further than 70,000 Iowans purchas coverage on their own, most by help from federal subsidies.
The single residual one, Medica, tells it will remain, but it seeks a 57 percent increase in premiums due to uncertainties in federal health care subsidies.
Also, this summer the Trump administration reported it was ending contracts for navigators in 18 cities.
Unfortunately, it’s becoming clear the Trump administration places little priority on ensuring Americans have health insurance, whether offered by the government or private companies.

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400000 New Yorkers choose out of health insurance in 2015

That number accounts for further than four percent of the state’s 9.6 million tax filers.
It wasn’t hard to find what health experts call “invincibles’’ — younger, healthier adults who are foregoing health insurance.
“You can’t tell me I must have health care,” said the tattoo artist, who went by the name Red.
In high-cost New York there will be people who skip health insurance, said Leslie Moran, a spokeswoman for the NY Health Plan Association, a trade group representing New York health insurers said.
“There are people who have other needs that outweigh the needs for health care.

400K New Yorkers opted out of health insurance in 2015

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Iowa suttee hopes to get family’s health insurance expanded

Skip in Skip x Embed x Share CLOSE It was 2:19 a.m. when Amanda Buenting got a knock on the door.
After seeing her husband Jamie’s partner on the Rockwell City Police Department, Amanda fell to her knees begging not to hear the news that was to follow.
Amanda Buenting recently disclosed that the insurance provided by the city to her husband, Jamie Buenting, will no longer cover her family, the Fort Dodge Messenger reported.
Kalie was diagnosed by diabetes at age two & further recently was diagnosed by a secondary autoimmune disorder, Amanda Buenting said.
However, the city recently found out that Blue Cross/Blue Shield doesn’t extend coverage past three years, Mayor Phil Heinlen said.

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