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The way Lee province is Battling the Opium epidemic

Inter mountain also available has trained about 2,500 of its caregivers as portion of the Opium reduction initiative. however “we can see that there’s enormous variation” in the amount of painkillers being prescribed by different doctors across Inter mountain’s system, Harrison said.

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Hospital chain promises to cut Opium prescriptions 40 percent by 201eight in face of painkiller epidemic

Hospital chain pledges to cut opioid prescriptions 40 percent by 2018 in face of painkiller epidemic

Kaiser Permanente has ever ever extended its Opium prescription initiative to its operations nationally.
According to information from Kaiser’s Dr. Sameer Awsare that was provided to CNBC, Kaiser Permanente’s system nationally reduced Opium prescriptions by 40 percent from December 201four to this past February.
The health system noted that OxyContin has a high possibility for diversion & abuse because brand-name Opium have a higher street value.

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The Opium epidemic isn’t an formal emergency

(CNN) Despite President Trump’s announcement that the Opium problem is “a national emergency” two weeks ago, there has been no formal announcement from the administration.
The Public Health Services Act gives the Department of Health & HuPerson Services broader authority in tackling a public health emergency, like final year when Zika was declared a public health emergency in Puerto Rico.
“The President recently instructed his administration to take all appropriate & emergency measures to conforehead the Opium crisis.
Six states have declared a state of emergency over the Opium crisis: Alaska, Arizona, Florida, Virginia, Maryl& & Massachusetts.
however declaring the Opium problem a national emergency doesn’t automatically grant access to emergency funds.

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