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‘Game-changer’ Cancer disease curing is focus of Gilead’s $12 bn cell medication deal

as mentioned in The bargain by Santa Monica’s Kite is Guessed to lock later this year & going to step up competition between great drug companies to introduce a cutting-edge Cancer disease curing known as vehicle T cell therapy.
Cell medication is a Fresh type of medicine that, for the premier time, Utilizes modified living cells as the foundation of treatment, Specialists said.
“It’s perfect for the field of cell medication in cancer,” said analyst David Nierengarten, head of health care equity study at Wedbush Securities.
Lim is the co-founder of an Emeryville cell medication startup, Cell Design Labs, that has received an investment from Kite.
Lim likened cell medication to “putting a tiny nano-robot inside you — or ten mn of them.”“It’s a real game changer,” Lim said.

‘Game-changer’ cancer treatment is focus of Gilead’s $12 billion cell therapy deal

as mentioned in Gilead, that has come under congressional investigation for the $84,000 value tag it put on its premier hepatitis C drug, reported Monday it would shell out $11.9 bn to acquire California-based Kite Pharma.
Cancer drugs are indeed routinely priced at further than $10,000 a month, & this Fresh approach — a one-time curing — has stoked wish for a whole Fresh personalized approach to battle cancer.
The companies Guesse a decision from federal regulators in November — a 30 days after a Novartis CAR-T drug for a pediatric Cancer disease is Guessed to receive approval.
It too means Gilead will necessity to respond to investors’ expectations while pricing therapies.
Their success in hepatitis C is will in reality drive prices in Cancer disease up.”

Choosing alternative Cancer disease medication doubles danger of death, research says

as mentioned in They looked at “the generality popular cancers in the US: breast, prostate, lung & colorectal cancer,” Johnson said.
Of all the patients choosing alternative therapies, about 44% had breast cancer, nearly one-quarter had prostate cancer, only over 18% had lung cancer, & nearly 12% had colorectal cancer.
Broken drop with type, breast Cancer disease patients who selected alternative instead of conventional curing had a fivefold greater dying risk, When colon Cancer disease patients increased their danger fourfold & lung Cancer disease patients twofold.
“Alternative medicine kills Cancer disease patients,” Gorski, who wasn’t participate in the research, wrote on the website Science-Based Medicine.
“If such a bias occurred in this research the harm caused with choosing alternative medicine is likely to be safely worst than reported.

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