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Beaches pass tests for standards of bacteria

referring to Beaches pass tests for standards of bacteriaPassing the test: pathogenic bacteria standards at Bermuda’s beaches are well within environmental guidelinesBacteria standards at Bermuda’s beaches are well within environmental guidelines, according to the latest figures from health watchdogs.
Results among April 30 & August 20 display enterococci standards well below which limit, although standards at 2 beaches temporarily exceeded 15 CFU per 100ml over the course of the summer.
CFU standards at the centre of the coast & at the west finish remembered lower, as did the results from Warwick Long Bay.
Levels at Clearwater Beach, John Smith’s Bay & Grotto Bay did’nt exceed five CFU per 100ml.
Centrally located Analyzing sites — including Elbow coast & Grape Bay — showed consistently low pathogenic bacteria standards throughout the summer, by no results over five CFU per 100ml.

Beaches pass tests for levels of bacteria

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Swimming advisory issued at North Myrtle coast after high pathogenic bacteria standards detected

Swimming advisory issued at North Myrtle Beach after high bacteria levels detected

according to A Fresh research with investigators in India has found high standards of multidrug-resistant pathogenic bacteria in & around Indian poultry farms.
“Disturbingly, we found Extremely high resistance in Ecoli & Klebsiella pneumoniae isolates from the poultry environment.
The S lentus isolates exhibited the lowest standards of antibiotic resistance, however were highly resistant to clindamycin & azithromycin.
In July, a research in Environmental Health Perspectives found high standards of antibiotic resistance in chickens lifted for flesh & eggs on 18 Big commercial farms in Punjab, India.
See also:Aug 30 CSE report, Antibiotic Resistance in Poultry EnvironmentAug 30 CSE press releaseJul 21 CIDRAP break news story, “High standards of resistant E coli found in Indian poultry”

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