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Hurricane Irma causes most of Florida to sink into darkness and warnings of a “humanitarian crisis”

Almost 6.5 million homes in Florida are suffering power outages after Hurricane Irma was hit by the state, which left a lot of damage in a number of Caribbean islands and Cuba before arriving in the United States.

Hurricane Irma

Water flooded many areas of Florida because of Hurricane Irma

Relief efforts continue in conjunction with the work of engineers to restore power in most state homes. The Florida Keys and the western states of the state suffered the largest share of the losses caused by Hurricane Irma. Although the storm eased when Hurricane Irma reached the west coast of Florida overnight, but the city of Miami and other urban areas were badly hit by flooding.

US officials have warned that the state is on the brink of a “humanitarian crisis”.

Miami before and after Hurricane Irma

Media reports said at least four people were killed by Hurricane Irma, witch rating was reduced to tropical storm after he was ranked Sunday in the fourth grade. Florida Governor Rick Scott said that “people going home will take some time,” according to the Miami Herald website. The governor added after monitoring the damage caused by the cyclone in an air tour “Power lines have collapsed all over the state, there are roads where people can not drive, everyone has to wait until we finish our work.”

Hurricane Irma has so far passed through 10 countries in the Caribbean, killing at least 28 people there.

US President Donald Trump agreed to declare Florida a major disaster area and send emergency federal aid, describing the hurricane as a “big monster.”

Where is Hurricane Irma now?

At 0600 GMT, the epicenter of the hurricane was 40 km (25 miles) northeast of Tampa, according to the National Hurricane Center.

The Tampa Gulf area, home to some 3 million people, has not suffered a major hurricane since 1921.

Hurricane Irma is expected to weaken into a tropical storm over the northern region of Florida or southern Georgia later on Monday, but the center of the hurricane will continue to move over the western part of the Florida peninsula, the center said.

Hurricane Irma caused deadly car accidents

Hurricane Irma caused deadly car accidents
Hurricane Irma caused deadly car accidents

Hurricane Irma may regain strength

The epicenter of Hurricane Irma hit the western coast of Florida’s US peninsula, with its strength down to the third category. US authorities have warned it may regain strength. State authorities ordered the evacuation of more than 6.3 million people from their homes for fear of endangering their lives. Forecasts indicated that Hurricane Irma was still in the Florida Keys area, which includes Key West.

An official warned that staying in the islands was “like suicide.”

Rick Scott, the governor of Florida, told NBC’s Today program that although the authorities had prepared within weeks to reach Irma, the expectations of the Great Hurricane were “very frightening.”

Hurricane Irma behind the massive destruction on the way

Hurricane Irma losses

Hurricane Irma is the worst hurricane in the Atlantic Ocean for 10 years and has already caused heavy losses in a number of Caribbean islands:


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