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Multistate human bacterial contagion related to puppies from national chain store

Bacteria contagion related to puppies from chain store Petland has infective people in Pennsylvania & 6 other states, according to the federal Centers for illness Control & Prevention.

 Bacteria related to Petland puppies infects two in Pennsylvania

Two people in Pennsylvania were between 39 people who were infective by campylobacter pathogenic bacteria after exposure to puppies purveyed at Petland, according to a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention outbreak advisory published Monday .
Infection by the pathogenic bacteria causes flu-like Signs which typically final about a 7 days & could be dangerous for people by compromised immune systems.
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention urges people to wash their hands after touching dogs, their poop or their food to protect infections.
Dogs could tote the pathogenic bacteria no matter where they are from, according to the agency.
Bacteria linked to Petland puppies infects 2 in Pennsylvania

Pet-store puppies related to bacterial outbreak between people in seven states, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says

referring to Lab tests & epidemiological findings have related the diseases to the Ohio-based Petland, according to the CDC.
Twelve of those diagnosed by Campylobacter contagions are Petland employees, & 27 either purchased a Petland puppy, visited 1 of the chain’s stores or visited a house by a Petland-purchased puppy.
Watson said Petland’s veterinarians may would not have tested puppies for Campylobacter unless they were exhibiting symptoms.
CDC spokeswoman Brittany Behm said public health officials aren’t proven the method popular Campylobacter is in animals.
The agency said which just some of the Petland puppies had any symptoms.

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