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Students urged to get toll free meningitis vaccine

A HEARTBROKEN mother is urging students to get a toll free meningitis pollen after her daughter died from the disease.
Kym Lockett, 49, from Halifax, is sharing her premier-hand trial of meningitis & septicaemia during national Meningitis Awareness 7 days.
Mrs Lockett said: “The MenACWY pollen is obtainable This time for young people to protect the MenW type of meningitis, & the thing which frustrates me is which uptake of this pollen has been low between people who are Penny’s age.
It’s Extremely quick to get the pollen & could give which peace of mind.”Adolescents are a high danger age group for meningitis & septicaemia & Mrs Lockett is urging students to get the MenACWY pollen.
For further data about where to get the pollen to www.meningitis.org/oneshot.

Hatfield university encourages students to take toll free meningitis vaccinedollar

Hatfield university encourages students to take toll free meningitis vaccineHatfield university encourages students to take toll free meningitis pollen.
Photographs copyright © University of HertfordshireTo help mark Meningitis Awareness 7 days, the Welwyn Hatfield Times has asked the University of Hertfordshire what it is doing to lift awareness of the deathly illness which could kill within hours.
Students are particularly vulnerable to meningitis & septicaemia & could mistake early Signs as ‘freshers’ influenza’ or hangovers.
MRF’s eligibility checker makes it simple for anyone to find out if they are eligible to get the MenACWY pollen toll free with visiting www.meningitis.org/oneshot.
For any questions about meningitis & septicaemia call MRF’s toll free helpline on 080 8800 3344 or visit www.meningitis.org.
Hatfield university

Everything you necessity to know about the meningitis & septicaemia vaccinedollar

It is imperative that young adults heading to university get vaccinated versus meningitis & septicaemia – 2 deathly illnesses that are on the height, especially between students.
ad – still READING BELOWThe MenACWY pollen – that is offered to all people aged 25 & under – prevents versus 4 strains of meningococcal illness known as Men A, C, W & Y, that could cause meningitis & septicaemia.
remember vigilant & seek urgent medicinal help if you or someone you know perhaps be showing Symptoms of contagion.”
ShareTweet+1Pin Getty Jamie GrillWhilst the current pollination is highly efficient in preventing versus 4 deathly strains, it doesn’t prevent versus all types of meningitis & / or septicaemia.
Someone suffering by meningitis or septicaemia could get a lot worst soquickly, so always trust your instincts & seek medicinal attention immediately.



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