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Graham-Cassidy may be an unmitigated health care disaster

Graham-Cassidy would deliver health care mostly out of block grants to the states — a shell game which would finish ACA subsidies & Medicaid expansion in 2020.
So the method does which get better health care in this country?
Independent health care investigators tell Texas can see billions in temporary funding increases among 2020 & 2026.
Texas had a chance to establish its own health care interchange & extend Medicaid coverage under the ACA & rejected both.
— Atul Gawande, surgeon & health care researcherWhat’s your view?

Republicans vow to ‘press on’ by health care bill

Both Republicans on phase argued which their outline would return money to the states in block grants to bring health care choices closer to patients & said which Obamacare had failed.
The Democrats warned which the Republican bill would throw millions of people off health insurance rolls & would leave patients by pre-existing conditions which are guaranteed coverage under Obamacare high & dry.
In criticizing Republicans’ plans for health care, in a largely perfect humored debate, Sanders said which he knew which “nobody up here wants to see anybody die.”
Matt DeCample, from Arkansas, a phase four Cancer disease patient, asked Sanders the reason he & Republicans can not meet in the middle to innovate health care resolution which work without retreating to political extremes.
Cassidy & Graham countered Monday by suggesting which their bill is the just alternative to a Democratic push to build a single payer, government-run health care system.
Republicans vow to 'press on' with health care bill

Republicans see political need in health care effort

It’s divisive & difficult, however the Republican drive to erase the Obama health care overhaul has gotten a massive boost from 1 of Washington’s perennial incentives: Political necessity.
You made this promise, stick to it, & you’ll be penalized if you don’t,” said Bill Hoagland, a previous highest Senate Republican Party aide & health policy expert.
Bill Cassidy of Louisiana & South Carolina’s Lindsey Graham have spent weeks concocting & selling the party’s Fresh approach to scrapping Obama’s law.
It would wed the party’s oft-repeated goals of uprooting Obama’s law & shipping further power & plenty of money back home.
Analysts from both parties tell such a menace is implausible because the Republican Party bill wouldn’t give states sufficient money to do that.

Senate committee holds hearing on Graham-Cassidy health care bill

WASHINGTON — highest Republicans are adding money to their staggering effort to cancel the Obama health care law & tell they’re pushing toward a climactic Senate face off this week.
The Senate Finance Committee holds a hearing on Graham-Cassidy health care bill at two p.m.
Sen. Bob Casey (D-Pennsylvania) spoke at a break news conference on the Graham-Cassidy health care bill on MondayAlready two Republican Party senators, Rand Paul of Kentucky & John McCain of Arizona, have said they oppose the legislation.
Paul said even though the bill transforms federal health care dollars into block grants which states would control, the Republican Party bill left also much of which spending intact.
WATCH: What’s following for health care after McCain rejects GOP’s Graham-Cassidy plan?




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