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Labour outline gambling levy to fund intemperance treatment

Labour has said it would force bookmakers to pay a compulsory levy to help treat crisis gamblers.
The Association of English Bookmakers said it wouldn’t oppose an “appropriate levy” to help treat gambling addicts.
‘Working together’A 2015 report with the Gambling Commission estimated the number of “problem gamblers” to be among 300,000 to 430,000 people.
Currently, gambling companies make voluntary contributions to the charity GambleAware to help pay for education, research, & handling gambling addiction.
A spokesman added: “We too would not oppose an appropriate, compulsory levy on the gambling industry to fund crisis gambling treatment, as we have long argued which the gambling industry needs to work together to lower the number of crisis gamblers & address the reality which generality crisis gamblers move among different forms of gambling.”

The hidden epidemic of gambling intemperance in UK costs America all dearly

Could not subscribe, have a try once more later Invalid EmailThere’s a hidden epidemic of gambling intemperance in UK & we necessity to act This time to finish it.
That’s the reason Labour is asking if the gambling industry ought meet the cost of handling punters who struggle by addiction.
Most people bet for fun however there are 430,000 addicts in the UK, according to the Gambling Commission.
At the moment bookies are asked to give 0.1 per cent of their gambling take to GambleAware – however they don’t have to.
The gambling industry has to begain acting responsibly.
The hidden epidemic of gambling addiction

 Labour plans to make betting firms pay levy to treat gambling addiction

Labour going to force gambling companies to pay a levy to fund study & NHS curing to help crisis gamblers bargain by their addiction.
Tom Watson, Labour’s deputy leader, said which if rivalled the party would “finally confront crisis gambling”.
Watson said it was outrageous which the gambling industry drew in £13bn a year in income however contributed only £10m to curing of gambling intemperance which destroys lives.
“I could say you which a Labour Gov. going to introduce a compulsory levy,” Watson said in a speech to the Labour party conference in Brighton on Tuesday.
“We This time know which while vulnerable people have a try to opt through on-line gambling, companies don’t always block their accounts as they should,” he said.




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