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Program which provides low-cost health care to 9M Kids Determine to expire

Amid intense debates about the Graham-Cassidy health care bill, the Senate & home missed the deadline to reauthorize the Children’s Health Insurance programme (CHIP) — meaning federal funding for the programme going to expire at the finish of the month.
Some states too offer coverage to children in families earning 250 or even 300 % of the poverty line.
While health coverage for children under CHIP will not suddenly disappear on Oct. 1, there are serious consequences for the programme at the state level.
“What I do not know is whether there going to be an extension for five years, one year, two years.
So When I do not think there going to be an immediate crisis, I do not know what the long range prospect for CHIP going to be,” said Rowland.

Donald trump saves lying about health care repeal. Why?

“Health care didn’t go down,” Donald trump insisted.
It’s beyond debate then which saying “we have the votes” for health care cancel or insisting which it didn’t “go down” is a textbook status of Donald trump promoting fake news.
He too has to suspicious which with declaring which he won on health care doesn’t make it true.
But, in the story of Donald trump which Donald trump is forever saying himself, he’s never Determine a foot wrong.
The realities say a different story on health care.
Donald Trump

Is health care a right? What Ohio & Kentucky teach us.

This is the web version of VoxCare, a daily newsletter from Vox on the latest twists & turns in America’s health care debate.
Gawande’s piece probes whether Americans view health care as a right or a privilege.
And it comes out Extremely Apparently in Gawande’s travels back to his hometown of Athens, Ohio, where he seeks to understand whether people “in the Appalachian foothills” see health care as something everyone has a right to.
For further newsletters, check out our newsletters pageOne of the things he runs into once more & once more is an opposition to health care as a right for people who do not seem to deserve it.
Chart of the DayAmerica’s teen birthrate has fallen with half over the past decade, a stunning public health victory.


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