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Woman dies of flesh-eating pathogenic bacteria contracted in Hurricane Harvey floodwaters

A Texas lady has died after contracting a flesh-eating contagion in the floodwaters of Hurricane Harvey.
“Complicating blunt trauma of upper extremity” is too listed as Reed’s the reason death.
According to the Houston Chronicle, Reed is the 2nd man to contract the flesh-eating pathogenic bacteria in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey.
The Chronicle reports which 1 rescuer contracted the contagion out of an insect bite, however in the end survived.
According to the CDC, perfect wound care is key to protecting necrotizing fasciitis.

Woman dies from flesh-eating pathogenic bacteria from Harvey-flooded home

A recent prey of the super storm is a 77-year-old lady who encountered flesh-eating pathogenic bacteria inside a house near Houston, according to the Harris province Institute of Forensic Science.
In some cases, surgery is needed to protect the spread of this infection, that can be caused by further than 1 type of bacteria.
“The pathogenic bacteria that caused necrotizing fasciitis aren’t strange or unique bacteria,” said Dr. David Persse, public health authority for the city of Houston.
While anyone can develop an contagion from flesh-eating bacteria, the people at the top danger are those by compromised immune systems, said Persse.
Preventing infectionGood wound care is a better method to protect any bacterial skin infection, according to Persse & the CDC.
Woman dies

Woman dies from flesh-eating pathogenic bacteria contracted from Harvey floodwaters

Case of flesh-eating pathogenic bacteria approved in Mobile; patient recovering. The waterborne Vibrio pathogenic bacteria has caused a status of necrotizing fasciitis – commonly known as “flesh-eating bacteria” – in a cell Phone province resident.
According to data launched Monday with the cell Phone province Health Department, the patient is “recovering in a native infirmary from the serious bacterial skin contagion necrotizing fasciitis.”
Vibrio pathogenic bacteria are popular in coastal waters; generality statuses of disease are announced in the warmer months.
According to the MCHD this is the 7th status of Vibrio-related disease recorded in cell Phone province this year.
For data on the method to lower the danger of Vibrio infection, visit www.alabamapublichealth.gov.


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