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Iowa City Council to vote on smoking boycott for city parks

The Iowa City Council going to vote on a Suggested ordinance banning the Utilize of tobacco products in city parks at its Tuesday night meeting.
& due to an existing city regulation, if smoking in parks is banned, vaping in parks going to too be automatically banned.
“I only don’t see this as a public health issue,” Throgmorton told tiny Village.
“It would be different if this was about secondhand smoke in a confined space, however it’s not.
The research reviewed whether banning smoking on beaches & in public parks lessened Risks from secondhand smoke, reduced the environmental influence of cigarette butts & saved impressionable, young Kids from taking up smoking.

Fort Worth about to ban smoking in bars | Fort Worth Star-Telegram

A Person sits & smokes outside in downtown Fort Worth.
The Fort Worth City Council is considering an ordinance which would ban smoking in bars & bingo parlors.
Max Faulkner mfaulkner@star-telegram.com
ban smoking in bars

Asia Briefs: Phuket smoking ban comes by $4k fine

Phuket smoking ban comes by $4k fineBANGKOK • Smokers who flout a smoking ban on 20 of Thailand’s generality famous tourist beaches going to face a hundred,000 baht (S$four,000) fine or up to a year in prison, the Thai authorities have said.
The ban comes into force following 30 days & follows a clean-up of almost140,000 cigarette butts from a two.5km stretch of Patong coast in Phuket.
Chau Thi Thu Nga is the latest to be punished as portion of a Gov. anti-corruption sweep in the communist state.
Mr Abe was Guessed to refrain from visiting the shrine during the festival, that going to final until Friday.
The status is being investigated under provisions for enticing, by criminal intent, a married lady.

Dubai tightens ban on electronic cigarette smoking in shopping malls

AdvertisementDUBAI – Dubai Municipality has emphasised its seriousness in implementing a ban on electronic cigarette smoking in public places & shopping malls, both indoors & at the entrances of the malls.
“The municipality has noticed which there are some shopping centres which let violations of the indoor smoking ban, especially Extremely -called electronic cigarettes, & let smoking at the entrances of shopping centres,” said Redha Salman, Director of Public Health & Safety section in the municipality.
“Shopping centres & malls have been directed to encourage their safety personnel to treat people in a polite manner & to put Symptoms & warnings on the entrances.
eleven of 2003 on Public Health & society Safety in the Emirate of Dubai.
We urge people not to assault native orders & danger fines, punishments & legal procedures,” added Salman.© Copyright Emirates break news Agency (WAM) 2017.


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