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HIV virus curing as protection

according to People who are living by HIV virus ought take curing  to treat HIV virus as recently as possible. If taken as directed, HIV virus medicine lowers the amount of HIV virus (viral load) in the body to a solow standard, that saves the immune system working & protects disease.
sex is Transmission People living by HIV virus who take HIV virus medicine as directed & get & save an undetectable viral load have effectively no danger of transmitting HIV virus to their HIV virus-negative sex is tpartners.
commute From Pregnancy, Labor & DeliveryIf a lady living by HIV virus could take HIV virus medicine as directed throughout pregnancy, labor, & delivery & give HIV virus medicine to her baby for four-six weeks after delivery, the danger of transmitting HIV virus could be one% or less.
commute From BreastfeedingWe do not know if a lady living by HIV virus who has an undetectable viral load could transmit HIV virus to her baby out of breastfeeding.

efficient HIV virus curing Halts Virus commute

OCTOBER 19, 2017Gail Connor RocheGay men by human immunodeficiency virus (HIV virus) who are on curing making the virus undetectable don’t transmit it to non-infective partners, findings from Australia’s Opposites Attract research display .investigators from the Kirby Institute at the University of Fresh South Wales in Sydney, conducted the largest research to testHIV commute danger between homosexual couples by differing HIV virus cases.
The men, from Australia, Brazil & Thailand, were in relationships where one partner was HIV virus positive & the other HIV virus negative.
Of the total, 343 couples attended at least one follow-up visit, that ended Dec. 31, 2016.The HIV virus-positive partner did’nt necessity to be taking HIV virus treatments for the couple to included.
“The results of our research are soconclusive, & we don’t outline aftertime researches in this particular ambit.
Our focus is This time somuch on HIV virus protection, pre-exposure prophylaxis in particular.”The team plans to publish the Opposites Attract results in an academic journal.The research, ” efficient HIV virus curing Halts commute between Homosexual Couples, research Finds ,” could be found on The Kirby Institute site.
HIV virus curing

This boy only Injected Himself by a DIY HIV virus curing on fb Live

as mentioned in Roberts is about to inject himself by an experimental gene medication for HIV virus, a DIY prototype curing designed by 3 biohacker friends.
Extremely Ascendence partnered by 3 biohackers, who used software to design a plasmid to hold the N6 gene & deliver it to the body’s cells.
Who is ethically responsible?”For a lot of reasons, it is unlikely which the pollen Roberts injected into himself going to work.
He expects it going to cost under $hundred to make the same pollen Roberts injected.
ad“At some point, there has to be the premier human to have a try it out,” Roberts told me later.
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