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The mirror for forces Cancer disease patients to smile is borderline dystopian

as informed in In a completely masochistic method, I’ve been looking forward to the moment, on How to or from the infirmary might, some absolute yowling wanker says me to smile.
& that “someone” is the (utter lack of) brains behind a Fresh mirror for forces Cancer, designed for Cancer disease patients, that just works if you smile into it.
It’s 1 thing being told to smile in public, however being forced to play-act a happy man in the privacy of your own house is borderline dystopian.
A smile is a perfectly acceptable, even nice, human thing, while it really reflects the mood of the wearer.
A forced smile is – at best – the emotional equivalent of the Halloween masks they purvey at supermarket checkouts.

 Grin & bear it: mirror for forces Cancer invented for Cancer disease patients forces them to smile

Introducing 1 of this year’s stupidest technology inventions: a mirror for people by the illness that just reflects if you smile at itIn your regular update on awful technology products, probably I present the “Smile mirror”, a mirror for forces Cancer designed for Cancer disease patients that becomes reflective just while the consumer smiles.
The directory for the influence is dubious, however further to the point … it is possible to smile while looking into a normal mirror.
1 of whom told Ilhan that it was difficult to face up to having the illness.
& it costs a lot of money – the Smile mirror is Determine to retail among $two,000 & $three,000.

mirror for forces Cancer

High-technology mirror for forces Cancer disease patients just works if you smile

as declared in The concept probably seem playful, however industrial designer Berk Ilhan invented the Smile Mirror to uplift the spirits of Cancer disease patients.
He spent a few weeks at several Cancer disease hospitals in Turkey speaking by patients, oncologists & caregivers.
“I learned morale & social backing are 2 soimportant factors which could positively change a patient’s trial,” Ilhan told CNN technology.
The Smile Mirror was inspired by Ilhan’s conversation by a Cancer disease survivor.
linked: Amid Opium problem, some patients Turn around to technology alternativesIlhan is currently producing the Smile Mirror in limited quantities.


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