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Mark Zuckerberg tells extent of Opium problem was biggest surprise of America tour

as mentioned in Speaking about his 30-state tour that sparked gossipof a presidential run, the fb chief executive officeradded: ‘We have a responsibility to remember optimistic’The “biggest surprise by far” from Mark Zuckerberg listening tour of America is the extent of the Opium problem, the fb chief executive officersaid on Friday.
The truth about the America ‘Opium problem’ – prescriptions are not the problem | Marc Lewis Read further“Extremely this is such as … only intense,” said Zuckerberg, speaking in a 50-minute Q&A at the University of Kansas.
The “perfect break news”, he added, is that there is a roadmap for dealing by these kinds of problems – as demonstrated by France, that had its own Opium problem in the 1990s & 2000s.
Zuckerberg & his wife Priscilla Chan have promised billions to tackling illness out of their philanthropic Administration the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative.
The Guardian contacted the Administration to find out if it would be allocating any funds to tackling the Opium problem, however received no response.

Federal claimants take on pharmaceutical companies for their alleged role in Opium problem

The billionaire founder of a pharmaceutical Inc. is the latest to face criminal charges as claimants seek to hold large business drug makers responsible for the role they have played in the Opium problem.
” Mark Zuckerberg needs to be held accountable only How any other drug trafficker would be held accountable,” Weinreb said.
Federal claimants are the latest to go after drug makers as the Opium problem continues to spiral through control.
Quincy city leaders are working right This time to set only how much the Opium problem has cost the city.
“They knew what they were doing,” Koch said, “& they’re will be held accountable for it.”
Opium problem

Tribune Editorial: medicinal professionals necessity to play a role in Opium problem

as declared in The programme takes a 3-pronged approach to battle Opium abuse: aggressive law enforcement, education & reduced reliance on Opium prescription as a solution to lower pain.
Increased law enforcement is needful, however going to be least efficient in in reality stopping the crisis.
& the generality culpable – pharmaceutical companies – are not vulnerable to law enforcement.
Licensing boards necessity to Determine stronger levels, & follow up by repetitive messaging, stricter prescription guidelines & sansictions by bite.
Providers necessity to find alternate ways to lower pain.

Mark Zuckerberg: Opium epidiemic is further than health problem

fb chief executive officer Mark Zuckerberg said the extent of the U.S. Opium problem was the thing which surprised him the generality during his travels throughout US this year.
“The biggest surprise by far is the extent of Opium issues, it’s truly saddening to see,” Zuckerberg said during a live fb broadcast from the University of Kansas.
“1 thing we do not fully internalize, the method this epidemic has influenced people’s attitudes further broadly…it’s 1 of the worse public health issues,” he said.
The Opium epidemic “is getting attention, however nowhere near what it needs.
Zuckerberg recounted a discussion he had by workers who had Stray their jobs at a paper mill in Millinocket, Maine, after the work there moved across the border into Canada.
Mark Zuckerberg

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