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Jeremy Clarkson clears the air by smoking ban as Fresh series of The Grand Tour hits the starting grid

as informed in Bill pre-filed in Alabama home would ban smoking by minors in vehicle

A bill that can stop Alabamians from smoking by Kids in the vehicle has been pre-filed by the state home.
Rolanda Hollis pre-filed Birmingham-Democrat state Rep.pre-filed HB26 , that would make it illegal to smoke a tobacco output in a motor vehicle — whether in motion or at 24 rest — while anyone under 18 is too present.
The sansiction for assaulting the law would be a $hundred fine.
C hildren exposed to secondhand smoke are at an increased danger for sudden infant dying syndrome (SIDS), acute respiratory contagions, ear crises, severe asthma, & reduced lung function.
According to the Centers for illness Control & Preventio n (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), sPublic Health Law Center, ​as of June 2017, here are the current statewide smoking bans: ought Alabama pass Hollis’ bill, it would become the 9th state, along by Guam & Puerto Rico, to have laws on the book that prohibit smoking in the vehicle by Kids.

Alabama lawmaker wants to ban smoking in cars while Kids are passengers

as mentioned in A state lawmaker wants to make it illegal to smoke in a vehicle while a child is a passenger.
8 other states: Arkansas, California, Louisiana, Oregon, Maine, Vermont, Utah & Virginia have outlawed smoking in cars while Kids are present.
Secondhand smoke has been identified as a the reason Sudden Infant dying Syndrome, asthma & other illnesses in Kids.
Health officials have said there is not a secure standard of secondhand smoke exposure.
“While a child’s lungs are continue emerging, they could be easy damaged with exposure to the high standard of secondhand smoke in a vehicle.

South Korea’s outline to ban smoking in public goes back to square one

SEOUL: South Korea appeared to be taking a step closer to completely banning smoke in public by its move to outlaw lighting up on the streets.
According to the Seoul Metropolitan Gov., the anti-smoke policy lifted by the Seoul Metropolitan Council to ban all smoke on the streets soon went back to square one because of practical issues.
“Despite the public giving a nod to banning public smoking, we came to description the outline as it is difficult to define what public smoking is in practice.
There are 17,500 public areas where smoke is This time prohibited, including some three,400 areas lock to education facilities like kindergartens & day-care centres.
About 6,800 bus stops, 1,700 subway exits, 1,700 parks & squares are too designated as non-smoking areas.


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