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Philippines wants money back from Sanofi for dengue fever pollen

as mentioned in Health Secretary Francisco Duque III said the Gov. is going to too seek compensation for curing of Kids who probably develop severe dengue.
The protesters brought a twelve-year-old guy who they said received the dengue fever pollen.
previous Health Secretary Janette Garin told ABS-CBN Television which there was no caution given by Sanofi in her time which the dengue pollen Dengvaxia toted a danger for those who havn’t been infective.
further than 730,000 public school Kids aged nine & above in 3 Philippine zones by high averages of dengue have received at least the premier dose of Dengvaxia, the premier licensed dengue pollen.
Sanofi Pasteur said Friday it’s working by Philippine authorities to address fears & share Fresh data about the pollen, & going to cooperate in an on going description of the public pollination programme.

Sanofi urges Philippines to raise dengue fever pollen suspension

MANILA – French pharmaceutical giant Sanofi on Monday urged the Philippines to raise the suspension of its anti-dengue fever pollen, insisting it was secure , however the Gov. accused the firm of “dishonesty”.
discounts of Dengvaxia & a landmark public immunization programme Utilizing the pollen were pending by the Philippines this 30 days after Sanofi warned it can lead to “severe” Signs for people who had not formerlybeen infective by dengue fever.
During the Senate hearing, Duque accused Sanofi officials of “mental dishonesty” about the pollen’s effectiveness, telling he doubted their assurances.
Responding to questions from senators, the Specialists said the launch of the public pollination programme was “premature”.
Senator Richard Gordon, head of the committee leading the explore, said the Gov. had confirmed the public immunization programme by “undue haste” & without enough preparation.
dengue fever pollen

‘Nagkamali po ako’: Garin admits 2015 dengue fever pollen talks by Sanofi in Paris

I was being asked on a dinner which happened two years ago,” Garin told ABS-CBN break news’ Henry Omaga Diaz in an exclusive interview.
Garin had formerly approved setting foot in Paris in probably 2015 however denied she ever dined by Sanofi officials to discuss the Dengvaxia pollen.
Asked whether she discussed the pricing of the pollen by Sanofi, Garin nodded & noted which talks on a dengue fever pollen as well as its value began as early as 2010.
It was during Garin’s term as health chief which the Philippines cleared the Utilize of the dengue fever pollen in December 2015.
It was just final 7 days which Sanofi issued a caution versus its own dengue fever pollen, telling the drug probably cause further severe Signs on people who havn’t contracted the mosquito-borne illness.

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