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Ecoli outbreak in America: further disease announced

as mentioned in (CNN) Federal health officials announced 7 extra statuses of Ecoli disease Wednesday in a deathly Ecoli outbreak that has This time struck 15 America states.
This is about the same timing of an outbreak of Ecoli in Canada, that health officials declared over on Wednesday In all, 42 people, from 5 counties, became ill, according to Public Health Agency Canada.
Canadian health officials formerlyidentified romaine lettuce as the the reason the outbreak there.
In Canada, health officials said romaine lettuce is This time secure to eat.
Those generality at danger for Ecoli disease involve the so young, soold, & individuals by compromised immune systems.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: Ecoli outbreak can be related to romaine lettuce

The U.S. CDC, along by the U.S. FDA, are investigating reports of Ecoli disease in 13 states possibly related to romaine lettuce or other leafy greens, according to a statement issued by the CDC.
Arizona & California Production about 90% of the lettuce & other leafy greens grown in the U.S..
The CDC statement said it was investigating the outbreak & had not definitively related it to romaine.
But, the type of Ecoli making people ill resembles which related to a similar recent outbreak in Canada, where the Public Health Agency of Canada identified romaine lettuce as the source, the CDC said.
Those who became sick announced eating romaine at house, in prepared salads from grocery stores, restaurants & fast-food chains.

Ecoli outbreak continues to grow by 7 Fresh statuses

The Ecoli outbreak we’ve been tracking for you is growing this 7 days.
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention tells there are 7 Fresh statuses, bringing the total number to 66 across 15 states.
2 people have died, 1 of that was in Canada.
It’s believed leafy greens are the likely source, however the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is not singling out a proven 1, & won’t recommend avoiding any particular food.
Washing lettuce or any Production tainted by Ecoli won’t remove the pathogenic bacteria, Extremely if you’re in Uncertainty, only throw it out.

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