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The riskiness of overweight on the health of pregnant women and their fetuses

Many women suffer from obesity problems and weight gain during pregnancy. Which has led many specialists to warn against this phenomenon. As this may lead to complications of health on both mother and fetus alike.

Women’s health researchers encourage pregnant women to follow a healthy diet and do some exercise to avoid health problems caused by weight gain during this sensitive period.

The risk of obesity on pregnant women and fetus

Statistics from the American Institute of Obstetricians and Gynecologists show that more than half of women of childbearing age suffer from obesity or overweight problems. Pregnant women who are obese are prone to many problems that may be encountered in their pregnancy. Such as increased risk of miscarriage. Premature birth, natural obstetrics and the need for cesarean delivery. Obesity can also affect the fetus , The fetus is born dead, or the birth of a child with a congenital defect.

Obesity risks to pregnant women’s health

Studies indicate that obesity poses a serious threat to the health of pregnant women. As they become more vulnerable to a range of diseases. Among the health problems that threaten the obese pregnant woman. The researchers report a higher risk of heart attack and sleep apnea. As well as the risk of gestational diabetes or clotting of veins. And may sometimes lead to septicemia.

pregnant women
pregnant women

How to benefit from an ideal pregnancy period

Medical professionals have encouraged women to have a healthy and balanced lifestyle before, during and after pregnancy. Obese women are advised to make some weight-loss efforts before they are pregnant. In order to reduce the risk of diseases mentioned above.

Doctors emphasize the importance of women taking care of their weight and the importance of maintaining a reasonable weight at all times. However, the importance of this is particularly high if women are pregnant or planning to have children in the short term.

They also encourage pregnant women to exercise and move during pregnancy and avoid laziness and laziness. They encourage, for example, yoga classes, muscle exercises and other walks or jogging as a way to get rid of excess weight.

pregnant women
pregnant women

Experts warn women to deal with pregnancy dormant stage

Experts warn women to deal with pregnancy as a dormant stage, but call on them to make the effort and benefit from the health care and careful monitoring they receive during this period more than ever before to move forward in improving the quality of their lifestyle as well as the health of their bodies.

You should seek advice from your doctor whenever you have the slightest problem. To avoid any potential problems with your baby’s health, and your health before or after pregnancy.

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