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America: How can more than 45 million Americans remain without USA health insurance?

In recent years, there has been a US national health care crisis, and now Americans are paying more than ever before and more of their income for treatment, medical care and medicine.

According to estimates in 2004, spending on USA health insurance reached $ 1.8 trillion in the United States, which is equivalent to 15% of the gross national product, which is four times the amount spent by the US government on the defense and security sector.

Expenditure on USA health insurance  is expected to double in the next 10 years

Expenditure on USA health insurance is expected to double in the next 10 years to $ 3.6 trillion, representing 18.7 percent of the United States’ gross national product.

In addition, the number of Americans not covered by health insurance coverage and forced to afford medical treatment if necessary has increased by one million a year “since 2001.

Bringing the number of US citizens not covered by health insurance coverage to about 45 million Americans.

According to statistics from the US Census Bureau, this figure represents an increase of 6 percent, or 1.4 million people, since 2003 alone.

USA health insurance
USA health insurance

The structure of USA health insurance

We can classify the current system of USA health insurance  into three sections:

  • The first section includes people with excellent USA health insurance benefits

Through the companies and private bodies that work for them. It also includes “financially able people” to pay monthly health insurance premiums because of their good economic status. This section has about 100 million Americans.


  • The second section covers about 150 million Americans with adequate health insurance

Through the government’s contribution or through negotiations with employers to share the cost of health care at different rates, in order to obtain an average insurance cover shared by the employer and the employee.

  • Section III and the final understanding of about 45 million Americans didn’t insure with health “

They can’t afford any kind of health insurance and barely provide cash for emergency treatment. But those who do not have health care have the right to emergency care even if they have no money.

USA health insurance
USA health insurance

Looking at statistics for 2003, 9 million children (11.4% of children in the United States) are uninsured. While 90% of them have at least a working father or a working mother.

It is wrong that half of the uninsured are healthy “unemployed, as 80% of this group has at least one worker in each household.

Lack of money = lack of good health care

The Medicaid program is not enough to improve public health, as it seems clear that “children who exposed to this program have low levels of immunity and frequent medical clinics very few times” compared to children who insured with a commercial or private health insurance system, according to the Journal of the American Medical Association. On the other hand, the Medicare program intended only to provide health care for elderly people over the age of 65. Or who suffer from chronic mental disability or chronic renal failure. In addition, the program provides prescription drugs.


The US recognized that the Americans not covered by the USA health insurance caused an imbalance “in the health system

The US government has recognized that the number of Americans not covered by the USA health insurance  coverage has caused an imbalance “in the health system so it passed a law” in 1986 obligates all hospitals and health units that fall under the umbrella of federal health care programs to receive emergencies for any patients regardless of their physical ability .

While this law guarantees everyone access to medical care in emergency situations without having to show their affordability. It also costs hospitals to increase their prices for those. Who can afford to compensate for the cost of treating unpaid emergencies.

USA health insurance
USA health insurance


Reasons for the lack of health insurance in USA for 45 million people

In fact, the real problem with the US health care system is that 20.2% of the US workforce can’t afford physical health insurance. Monthly premiums for health insurance in US increased by 11.2% in 2004

On the other hand, employers decided to reduce the terms of health insurance. For workers and in many cases the insurance coverage raised for many employees.

The simple thing is that American companies can’t compete with foreign companies. Where foreign governments subsidize the health insurance costs of their employees.

Americans now face one of two options: the first is to pay too much for private health insurance and the second is to have no health insurance at all, so the American family pays about $ 9668,000 a year “for health insurance benefits.

According to the Kaiser Family Foundation, health insurance premiums paid by employees in the United States have increased five times as much as salaries


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