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Raisins and cloves to Treat Tooth Decay

In the beginning Before we know the cure for tooth decay,it is necessary to identify the causes of tooth decay. Tooth decay is caused by the breakdown of sugar present in all the foods we eat. This is done in the mouth, which is composed of acids that erode the external component of the teeth called Enamel. The result of this decomposition is the caries that begins with tooth decay.

Treat Tooth Decay

In order to keep our teeth healthy and strong with an attractive gloss and look. You should always keep your teeth brushing and putty after each meal, especially at night before bedtime. We have to clean the teeth so as not to ferment the residues of food stuck in the teeth, causing tooth decay that damages the tooth and causes pain and other health problems.

Treat Tooth Decay by herbs

The fact that chewing the seeds of Hull after eating, especially after eating sweets is very useful in protecting teeth is an antibiotic that destroys and affects bacteria. Also, drinking green tea protects the teeth and protects them from decay, as green tea contains a substance that has great benefit in killing a type of bacteria that cause age decay and pain

  • Raisins to Treat Tooth Decay

Raisins to Treat Tooth Decay

Raisins resist bacteria that cause Tooth Decay, so it is recommended to eat.

  • Eat garlic to Treat Tooth Decay

Garlic to Treat Tooth Decay

Eat garlic, berries, tea and watercress.

  • Clove  to Treat Tooth Decay

Clove  to Treat Tooth Decay

Clove is very useful in the treatment of caries.

Many people use different types of herbs to treat decay. But there is not enough study to prove the effectiveness of these herbs in the treatment of caries.

Tips for preventing tooth decay

  • Soft drinks contain high levels of sugar causing decay and should therefore be avoided.
  • Candies and foods containing sugar significantly, should be avoided.
  • Rinse mouth with water several times a day to get rid of food residue that brings bacteria.
  • Aspirin and analgesics should be avoided under the molars
  • Keep teeth washed with paste and brush.


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