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Conditions of Turkish health insurance , And who has the right to access it

Turkey has a overall system of general Turkish health insurance, available to foreign inhabitants to pay social security contributions. However, the system lacks funding and many hospitals are looked congested. Many doctors working under the state health system also work in the private health sector, where patient waiting lists may be shorter.

All Turkish residents issue the ID number of Turkish health insurance

All Turkish residents issue the Turkish ID number, which is also the social security number.

as a result in, Employers require a social security number from the Population Registry Directorate of the Ministry of the Interior for their foreign staff who do not have a personal identification number.

Conditions of private Turkish health insurance

  • Anyone with a passport has the right to private Turkish health insurance.
  • Health insurance is subject to age bracket, each age bracket has a price.
  • You can benefit from more than one insurance at the same time, government insurance with a private or private company with a private from another company and so on.
  • The duration of the private insurance contract is one year and you are entitled to more than one year in a second contract per year and so on.
Turkish health insurance
Turkish health insurance

Government Turkish health insurance and those entitled to it:

  1. Students studying in Turkey:

  • The student has the right to apply for government health insurance within a maximum period of 60 days from the date of his first registration. If he exceeds this period, he will not entitle to government health insurance.
  • The insurance period is annual and the period calculated from the date of submission.
  • The student is not entitle to add his wife or children to his insurance and benefit from his powers.
  • Government insurance is accepted in the Immigration Department for residence.
  • The insurance renewed before the end of each year within a maximum period of 15 days from the date of completion under a new “Student Registration” certificate stamped with the university stamp.
  • In the case of non-renewal on time, the right to government insurance shall revoke.
Turkish health insurance
Turkish health insurance

in addition to,

  1. Turkish health insurance for a worker (or a person with a work visa in Turkey):

  • The Turkish law provides for the employer to obtain public Turkish health insurance (SGK) for his employee, whether Turkish or foreign nationality.
  • One of the conditions of employment is the existence of a functioning government health insurance service.
  • The holder of a work permit and the holder of the government health insurance shall entitled to add: the wife / husband – the children – the father – the mother, without any additional expenses.
  • as a result in, The term of the government insurance for the employee starts from the first day that activated by the employer and the duration of the whole year renewed automatically.
  • Government health insurance ends on the same day of leaving work.
  • In the case of leaving the work, the State Insurance Authority gives a period ranging from 60 days to 120 days, in which the employee and his family members entitled to benefit from government insurance services until they obtain another job.

  1. Government Turkish health insurance for the average person (individual):

  • A foreign person who is not a student or a third party entitle to receive government health insurance
  • The health insurance shall submitted to the insurance office of the person’s place of residence.
  • The insurance period is one year only and renew.
  • The price of individual insurance is 426 Turkish lira per month and you entitled to pay it monthly. Or two months or a full year, so you have absolutely no choice
  • in addition to, The person entitled to this individual insurance entitled to add the wife / husband – children – father – mother. And enjoy all government health insurance services without any additional expenses.
  • finally,The grace period applies to this type of insurance as well.

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