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High incidence of H3N2 flu Australian flu virus in Britain .. know its symptoms

H3N2 flu Australian flu virus is a highly contagious virus and has many symptoms at the start of the winter. The weather swings, which cause diseases and epidemics, and God protects you. There are several types of flu, especially the new Australian flu, which has spread in the past period, but in Europe we recognize them so that we can take precautions.

Symptoms of H3N2 flu Australian flu virus

H3N2 flu Australian flu virus is the result of a new strain of H3N2, which of course leads to more severe complications of seasonal influenza and lead to serious complications such as pneumonia in high-risk groups and may cause death.

Symptoms of seasonal flu are sudden rise in temperature and cough is usually dry, headache, muscle and joint pain, sore throat, nausea, nausea and vomiting.

H3N2 flu
H3N2 flu

Methods of Spreading H3N2 flu Australian flu virus

  • During the coughing or coughing of infected people, rhesus is spread over the virus in the air, especially in people close to the person affected when inhaling this spray.
  • It transmitted through contaminated hands, so people should cover their mouths and noses with a handkerchief against coughing and washing their hands with soap and water.
H3N2 flu
H3N2 flu

How to prevent H3N2 flu Australian flu virus

Vaccination is the best way to prevent the disease. It used for more than 60 years. The vaccine can provide protection within 60%, even when viruses are not common with vaccine viruses. Vaccination can be less effective in protecting the elderly, but can reduce the severity. Disease and complications of complications and death.

The most vulnerable groups of H3N2 flu Australian flu virus

Pregnant women and children between the ages of 6 months and 5 years and older people over 65 years and patients. With chronic diseases such as heart disease, lung, kidney, chronic liver, diabetics. People with immunodeficiency diseases and health care workers.


H3N2 flu
H3N2 flu

Statistics released that more than a thousand people infected with the H3N2 flu Australian flu virus

Statistics released by the British government revealed that more than a thousand people  infected with the H3N2 flu Australian flu virus with low temperatures last week, and more than 10 people died from the virus, an increase of 156% from last week, warning that it may be the worst outbreak in 50 years.

Although the number of deaths associated with influenza registered in Ireland so far is less than 10. A government report published by the Public Health newspaper in England showed that 73 people hospitalized. A sharp rise in cases caused by an increase in two types of One, including the so-called “Australian flu”. It is a strain of Influenza that caused hospitalized patients to enter Australia during the winter.

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