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What are the most vulnerable age groups to Drug addiction?

Drug addiction is a common problem not only among young people, but among most age groups. Many people at different ages use drugs and alcohol to escape reality and get rid of everyday problems.

With regard to young people and adolescents, the main cause of youth addiction is family dysfunction and poor communication between family members. Parental separation has a significant impact. Children born under abnormal family conditions, especially with one parent taking alcohol or Drugs, they become more vulnerable to addiction.

Drug addiction and abuse among adolescents and young people

Young people and adolescents are the most vulnerable age group for drug addiction due to the many chemical and physical changes that occur in the body during the growth stage. During this early age, young people take strong and frequent doses and, with prolonged drug abuse, addiction becomes a behavioral pattern that is difficult to get rid of.

With the onset of drug abuse at an early age, access to addiction increases and it may be difficult to treat if the person reaches a late stage of addiction.

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In a 2003 study, the average age at first drug use was 18 years, 14% of addicts started taking drugs at the age of 13 years, a very early period, and most of these addicts confirmed that school and bad friends have a big role in Drug abuse, lack of control and awareness are mainly helpful in youth addiction.

drug addiction
drug addiction

The prevalence of drug addiction is between 12 and 25 years

There are some recent statistics that confirm that the age group most susceptible to drug addiction is between 12 and 25 years old, and the types of drugs vary by age group, we find that the under 18-year-olds are looking for the cheapest and most common drugs such as hallucinations and inhalants.

On the other hand, the most harmful drugs such as cocaine are the most common among the older age groups starting at age 25 and above.

drug addiction
drug addiction

Who is most likely to be drug addicted to women or men?

There is no doubt that addiction has devastating effects both for men and women. And some studies have shown that males and females tend to use different types of narcotic drugs. Which lead to addiction.

However, men are most vulnerable to drug addiction as a result of many factors, early drug use, ease of abuse of drugs and alcohol among males, ease of male involvement in drug abuse, and the prevalence of drug abuse, under-influence and addiction.

drug addiction
drug addiction

Factors causing women’s drug addiction

The causes of women’s addiction are not very different from men’s addiction. Many women and girls also resort to addiction as a result of family disintegration and separation. And lack of awareness and ignorance has a significant impact on women’s addiction. Also, the frustration and rising age of marriage and society’s look for some girls leads to addiction to women.

drug addiction
drug addiction

Health risks of women’s addiction to drugs

Women’s addiction may be more effective and dangerous to society than men’s addiction. Drug addiction may cause fetal abnormalities, which can cause death. And women’s addiction is a key contributor to many diseases, such as AIDS and other serious diseases.

In addition to, most women can’t cope with society and addiction treatment for fear of criticism of women. Who exposed to drug addiction before. It shew that the percentage of males who undergo addiction treatment programs is about 10 times higher for women who do so.

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