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Methods of early cancer detection and taking precautions

Cancer is a serious disease in the absence of early cancer detection, because it is important in preventing the growth of cancer and spread. Where it is easy to treat in the early stages of it, before it became malignant; where the multiple symptoms of cancer, including hair loss, loss of appetite and weight, and feeling tired, Cancer is the result of certain genetic factors, exposure to radiation, or for unknown reasons. In this article we will introduce you to ways to detect cancer.

Methods of early cancer detection

Photographic tests

early cancer detection  by Photographic tests did by imaging the internal organs of the body using many devices and methods, which helps to identify any changes in tissue, in addition to determining the possibility of tumors, and the extent of spread, and this type of tests is painless, such as the magnetic resonance device.

Vascular planning for early cancer detection

Depends on the use of X-rays, which helps to capture radiological images of blood capillaries, and vessels, which contribute to the emergence of any changes in them, and used in the case of kidney tumors, and injecting a certain type of pigments in the arteries, to reach the blood vessels, Angles.

early cancer detection
early cancer detection

Ultrasonic planning to detect cancer early

It used to depict internal organs by colliding sonic and tissue acoustic emissions, which contributes to the formation of different images of organs and tissues. It is performed by placing an ointment on the areas to be examined and photographed by moving the power adapter in different directions for a complete picture.

early cancer detection
early cancer detection

Class Radiography for cancer

It used to capture transgenic images of tissues and organs by directing a group of x-rays around the body. The images are installed to illustrate the organs and obtain their details by computer, which contributes to the appearance, size and type of changes. And the organs under X-rays, and may take the process from half an hour to an hour and a half, the injury is extended steadily, and the machine passes it back and forth, and uses this type to examine the kidney.

Magnetic Resonance Imaging

It used to depict the body’s sites that are difficult to photograph by using some types of planning, such as radio waves in the magnetic field instead of X-rays. It works by absorbing the tissues of the body to energy from the radio waves, launching them in varying degrees depending on the type of member, To clear images of the organs, and uses this type to determine the prevalence of tumors in the main blood vessels adjacent to some members, such as kidney, and is performed by stretching the patient on a fixed bed, and enter into a circular room along the body, and usually continue for a quarter of an hour or a clock And half.

early cancer detection
early cancer detection

Orthopedic Planning to detect cancer early

in addition to,This test performed by injecting veins with a small amount of chemical compounds with low and non-harmful radiation, where they accumulate in places affected by cancer, and rely on special cameras to detect the radiation, which contributes to the appearance of small deposits of bone cancer tissue.

Radioisotope Planning for detecting cancer

This type is used to examine vital organs, such as the brain. Bones, kidneys, blood, curiosity, and muscle by using some radioactive and non-harmful substances. Injecting them into the body, and wiping them with a special device.

early cancer detection
early cancer detection

Bone marrow biopsy

used to extract a sample of the mammography. And examined the microscope, and falls postpartum in the case of lymphoma. And  did by taking a sample of the bone marrow of the hip back by extending the injury on the face. Put a pillow under him to lift the body, and then identify the position. Stitch the needle, take it, prevent what during this examination 5 minutes, then examine the anniversary under the microscope.

Analysis of tumor characteristics

This test is used to determine the concentration of certain chemical compounds in the body fluids. As well as to examine other secretions produced by cancer cells.

Full blood count to detect cancer early

in addition to,This is to know the count of blood components and cells, and size. Different types of red blood cells, and white, and platelets.

early cancer detection
early cancer detection

Cellular analysis

finlly,It used to classify lymphomas and certain solid tumors as Uyng tumors. It depends on the study of changes in the genetic pigments, the DNA of the tumor cells. And the detection of cancer cells using antibodies. Which helps in determining the type and characteristics of the tumor. These tests performed by taking samples of cerebrospinal fluid Spinal cord, bone marrow, and lymph nodes.

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