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6 steps for drug addiction treatment through which the addict can return to his nature

Drug addiction defined as the psychological and physical dependence of the person on a narcotic substance, whether alcoholic or narcotic, as the continuous use of these substances leads to severe damage to the body and to the mental state. The cessation of these drugs causes dysfunction in the functioning of the individual And his daily duties push him to ask for more. Therefore, it noted the seriousness of addiction and ways of drug addiction treatment.

Stages of becoming addicted to drugs

When a normal person begins to take drugs, he goes through 4 stages to reach the peak stage:

  1. Drug testing phase

There are many factors that drive a person to experience drugs such as psychological and social stress or bad companionship.

  1. The stage of deliberate abuse

Where the individual begins to take drugs without taking into account that he may become addicted to them.

drug addiction treatment
drug addiction treatment
  1. Addiction phase

In which the body reaches the stage of addiction to drugs and can not addicted to addicted to abuse.

  1. Non-return phase

Not only addicted to the amount obtained from drugs, but always seek to take more doses and be subject to death. After reaching the stage of no return, is there no hope in the treatment of drug addiction?

Of course not .. Despite the difficulty of treatment of drug addiction, but many of the experiences and methods of treatment of addiction has proven successful with many cases in the drug addiction treatment to the final.

In order to treat addiction, we must first make sure that the addict has a real desire to quit addiction, either in person or through the use of some methods to increase motivation and desire to treat drugs.


Addict can return to his nature, here are the steps of drug addiction treatment :

  1. Detoxification phase of the body

It is the first step used in the treatment of drugs. At this stage the body is cleared of the toxins that have become part of it and completely removed from the blood. Despite the importance of this stage where treatment can not be completed without it, it is not an integrated treatment and should not stop at this stage as some think.

drug addiction treatment
drug addiction treatment
  1. Treatment of withdrawal symptoms

The withdrawal symptoms are a combination of psychological and physical symptoms that accompany detoxification, such as sleep disturbances and insomnia, accompanied by abdominal pain, high blood pressure, sweating and high body temperature. As well as the incidence of mental hallucinations and the desire to commit suicide with some severe mental disorders such as severe depression.

At this stage, the addict is booked in a hospital or in an addiction treatment center for easy control and removal from drug places. This period is between the two weeks to the month.

  1. Rehabilitation stage

Is the central stage in the treatment of drug addiction, and may last from months to several years depending on the patient’s condition and ability to tolerate treatment. Through which the patient is taught a number of skills that help him not to relapse again through the sessions of psychological treatment and behavior. The patient can also be given some medications that help him to receive psychological treatment and the desire to return to the drug again.

drug addiction treatment
drug addiction treatment
  1. Psychological counseling stage

This stage depends on the psychological sessions that take place collectively or individually, where the patient gave an opportunity to express what he suffered while trying to stop addiction, and the discovery of any psychological effects or pressure  motivated to drug addiction from the beginning, which helps the doctor to resolve These problems are radical.

  1. Community therapy

The addicted society helps the treatment of addiction by finding appropriate solutions. To the family and social problems surrounding it. Which may have led to the addiction trap. During this stage, the patient stressed and supported psychologically.

drug addiction treatment
drug addiction treatment
  1. Prevent relapse

The patient can take some medicines under the supervision of a doctor. To help reactivate the brain’s natural functions and reduce the desire to use. It is also necessary to follow up the recovery through continuous periodic analyzes. To ensure that the drug didn’t use again until he returns to practice his life completely.

drug addiction treatment
drug addiction treatment

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