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CT scan .. How is it used? What are the risks of exposure? What are their results?

For a CT scan you may have heard of beforehand or may be asked by a doctor what is it? Is there a risk of exposure? Follow this article to learn more about these rays.

CT scan is also called axial tomography, or tomography. It is an advanced type of radiation that uses the X-rays (x-rays) to produce three-dimensional images of the body.

What is CT scan?

CT scan is also called axial tomography, or tomography. It is an advanced type of ray. X-rays are used to produce three-dimensional images of the body by combining several images from different angles, such as looking at slices of bread after cutting them accidentally with a knife. . The doctor examines these slides individually and may require imaging for a specific part of different angles or convert the image to three-dimensional by combining several images in one image at certain angles, which provides information much more accurate than ordinary X-ray. CT scans are used in multiple cases but mainly to detect internal bleeding or injuries after trauma in any part of the body, and are used to diagnose most diseases.

CT scan
CT scan

Cases requiring CT work

  • Diagnosis of bone and muscle diseases such as tumors and fractures.
  • Used to make rays on the brain, and locate infections, tumors, clots.
  • In certain cases they are used as a guide for some surgeries, samples or radiation therapy.
  • Discover and follow up on such conditions as cancer, heart disease, lung and liver tumors.
  • The discovery of internal injuries and internal bleeding.
CT scan
CT scan

CT scan types

  • Linear CT.
  • Computer CT is the type that is now used.

What are the risks of CT?

Exposure to radiation:

In CT scans, radiation is much more common than normal radiation but does not have the ability to get cancer.

CT scan
CT scan

Risk to Embryos:

In case of pregnancy you should tell your doctor to give you another test such as ultrasound or magnetic resonance to avoid exposure of the fetus to radiation.

Sensitivity to pigments:

In some cases, the body may react to this substance and most of these cases are limited to only some itching or rash, but in cases Rarely, the reaction may be very serious. If this has already happened to you, you should tell your doctor before taking any steps.

Are there certain preparations for radiation?

Depending on where you are examined, you may be asked to get rid of some or all of your clothes, take off any jewelry or metal objects, or fast for a while before the radiation.

In some cases, the doctor needs to inject certain dyes to highlight areas of the body, such as blood vessels or intestines, which can be used by mouth if the goal is to shoot the esophagus or stomach or intravenous injection in case of gallbladder imaging, urinary system or liver vessels and may feel some warmth Or a variable oral taste after injection of this substance, and also by anus to portray the large intestine and rectum.

CT scan
CT scan

CT scan for children

A sedative may be used to maintain the baby’s stability and calm during the procedure to avoid a confusing result.

CT scan
CT scan

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