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How to take care of a pregnant woman in the first months

Pregnancy is one of the happiest and most memorable moments of women’s dreams. During pregnancy, women experience many physical and psychological changes that they do not know much about, especially in their first pregnancy. Follow the next article to learn how to take care of a pregnant woman in the early months of pregnancy and the risk factors that You should pay attention to them.

How to take care of a pregnant woman in the first months

As pregnancy occurs, various functional changes occur in the body’s various organs, which are the result of adapting the body to the presence of pregnancy. These changes affect the function of the body, and we will mention in this article the most prominent and know how to take care of a pregnant woman.

 pregnant woman
pregnant woman

Changes affecting Pregnant women

Blood, blood vessels and heart

With the onset of pregnancy may occur slow circulation in the blood, thus lowering blood pressure, leading to complaints of rapid fatigue, dizziness during the first weeks.

 pregnant woman
pregnant woman

The lungs

The breathing rate increases for pregnant women. The lungs receive 40% more air than the normal rate. Breathing is especially difficult in recent months due to increased abdominal size and lower back pressure.


Is the part that grows inside the fetus, and increases the size of the uterus by pregnancy to about 5 times or more, and increases the weight of 50 grams to about 900 grams.

 pregnant woman
pregnant woman


During pregnancy, the ligaments especially in the pelvic area, including the ligaments attached to the uterus, are stabilized and relaxes for about 3 to 5 months after birth. Therefore, it is normal to complain of back pain due to the weakness of these ligaments for normal movements.

 Leg muscles

Strengthen the muscles of the legs, thighs during pregnancy; to be able to bear the excess weight of the body, and may appear to complain of the contraction of the muscles of the legs to the occurrence of weakness in circulation in the legs.

 pregnant woman
pregnant woman

Gastrointestinal and kidney

Slowness, laziness in gastrointestinal activity occurs due to the hormonal changes associated with pregnancy, and increases the total capacity of urine during pregnancy, at the beginning of pregnancy, and before the body adapts to that change the need for frequent urination.

Tips for take care of a pregnant woman in the early months of pregnancy

Periodic visit to the doctor

The doctor will ask about your medical history, including any previous pregnancies, your lifestyle, and will give you information on how to take care of the pregnant woman in the early months of pregnancy, such as how to eat healthy and exercise safely.

Take vitamin supplements

Folic acid is the essential nutrient that protects your child against brain and spinal cord problems. You should start taking vitamin D every day, and you can also take other pregnancy vitamins if you want, but eating a balanced diet should Helps you get all the vitamins and minerals you need.

 pregnant woman
pregnant woman

Consult your doctor before taking medication

You should be careful about taking medications at the beginning of pregnancy, as they may be harmful to your baby.

Avoid smoking and alcoholic beverages

Smoking and alcohol during pregnancy increase the risk of miscarriage, smoking increases the chances of ectopic pregnancy, premature birth, and smoke inhaled by the mother can also affect how the fetus grows, leading to low birth weight.

 pregnant woman
pregnant woman

Reduce the amount of caffeine consumed

Excessive caffeine intake during pregnancy can increase the risk of miscarriage, including all sources of caffeine, such as coffee, green tea, cola, energy drinks, and chocolate.

Healthy diet

A healthy and balanced diet should be taken to get all the nutrients the fetus needs, in order to grow healthy, and also for the mother’s health during pregnancy.

Get plenty of rest

It is common for a pregnant woman to feel tired during the first trimester of pregnancy. Because the body is used to changing hormone levels. So be careful to get rest, and enough sleep, especially in the first months of pregnancy.

Exercise appropriate for pregnancy

finally,Regular exercise can help to deal with the physical and mental demands of pregnant women. And it is advisable to start pelvic floor exercises.

 pregnant woman
pregnant woman

Things forbidden during pregnancy

  • X-ray tests.
  • Eat alcohol or any drugs that affect your mood.
  • Take any chemotherapy drug without consulting a doctor.
  • Exposure to toxic chemicals, such as wall or wood. a
  • To expose the waste of dogs or domestic cats to the possibility of infection (by tachoplasma).
  • Eat raw eggs; it may lead to poisoning (salmonella).
 pregnant woman
pregnant woman

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